“They say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” — John Lennon
Willo Sana
Apr 22, 2015 · 3 min read

Every day I give myself a lot of space to be. Space to dream up new possibilities, to write (morning pages style), to breathe and meditate, to read inspiring words, and to move my body in ways that feel nourishing and alive.

The truth is that I fall off the wagon.

I miss a day or three… I go a whole week without writing and sometimes months not regularly meditating or moving my body. I ‘forget’ these practices are important to me, and crucial to my health and my happiness. Sometimes, I find myself so stressed or depressed that I’m in tears, physically ill or in pain, or simply lost and buried in my own world of self-doubt and fear.

It happens. I don’t plan it. And I certainly don’t see it coming. Often, it’s a side effect of something else challenging or wonderful happening in my personal life or in my business. That’s life. It’s being human. It’s part of my particular, individual path of learning to act on behalf of myself, my creativity and my body.

This pattern is familiar, and it’s the lessons and journeys I have been on that make me so intimately aware of this cycle, and able to compassionately serve and support others on this path.

We often teach what we needed to learn (and are learning) in our own lives, and I’m grateful for my experiential awareness of the inherent gifts and challenges of being a human. In particular, being a human who is called to serve the world in big ways; who is ambitiously driven to not play small, and instead has a heartfelt mission to co-create waves of conscious change in this world.

As a human, and a teacher/supporter/coach/guide sharing my knowledge, I’m not interested in being the expert who has it all figured out. I want us to stand hand-in-hand together; healthy, happy, awake and empowered. Creating the lives, businesses, and conscious change we know is possible for our world.

The good news is, while I often notice and recommit to my practices long before my health or mindset completely derails me, over the years I have also learned how to shorten my recovery time so that if/when I find myself feeling less than 100%, the downward spirals don’t last very long.

This bewilders my partner, because I can cry myself to sleep one night, and be laughing and dancing around the house the next morning. That’s really the secret:

Fully allowing and feeling the emotions. Letting them be and letting them come through. Listening to what they have to say, giving them love, compassion, and space. This is the ultimate practice at the heart of it all.

“Start where you are.” Pema Chödrön

Gently notice and recommit. I have compassion with myself and take small steps every day to get back into relationship with the practices that serve my soul:

  • I put the pen to the page.
  • I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  • I sit on my mat and stretch, or put my shoes on and walk out the door.
  • I listen with curiosity, to the birds, the wind, my heart, my guides…

I’m grateful to have these tools to find my way back home.

What practices bring you back home?

What’s one small step you could take today to act on behalf of your creativity, your health and your happiness?

Here’s to feeling alive, my friends! Mistakes, messy feelings and all.

Willo Sana

Written by

Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Coach & Consultant for Badass Activators & Conscious Creators: http://WilloLovesYou.com + Co-founder @YxYY

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