• marcm


    A Dad | A half orange to my better half | A pixel pushing dyslexic doodler | Creative Director - CBS Interactive. Recently took over CBS News / CNET.

  • Dave Pava

    Dave Pava

    By trade: marketing consultant. By nature: liberal arts fella, cover band pianist, meh bballer, sometime writer, cooker & eater, and pop culture fiend.

  • amelia mendez

    amelia mendez

    a bikelover, archi-snob, LEED AP, sci-fi geek, ATLien, Interaction Designer at Autodesk, but mostly... a fan of mayhem.

  • Zahra Noorbakhsh

    Zahra Noorbakhsh

    Feminist, Satirist, Muslim, Iranian-American comedian, @sfgrotto denizen--check out my one woman show All Atheists Are Muslim, touring colleges nationwide!

  • that designer

    that designer

    Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Photographer and Illustrator from the UK, now based in Sydney. The views expressed here are my own, obviously.

  • Shannon Wall

    Shannon Wall

    web design/front-end dev (mostly Drupal), hardcore, gaming, healthy living, inspirational and reading. portfolio: http://t.co/JHbEk9ga

  • Alaina Percival

    Alaina Percival

    I'm a fan of experiences, chocolate, being inspired by people I meet, and helping companies succeed with intelligent marketing #wwcode

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