Your business is precious, especially when it sprouts from a creative soul. As empowering as the process is, it can also be downright terrifying as you shift, evolve and grow. Sometimes you get in your own way; sometimes you find yourself paralyzed in fear and sometimes you feel like a hamster in a wheel.

After more than 15 years as an entrepreneur, I’ve had plenty of ups and downs, successes and failures, and learned a whole lot along the way. Thanks to those lessons, I’m now fulfilled, doing my best work and successfully serving others with my gifts.

Experience is priceless and being open to learning both from your own experiences and the ones that other people have is key to finding a success that makes you happy. …

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I’ve been thinking a lot about INNER STRENGTH lately, and how much our lives — let alone stepping up as bold leaders in our careers, creative endeavors, and businesses — require us to muster up inner strength on the daily.

Can you relate?

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I recorded a video recently, where I talk about how often we may feel CONFIDENT in one area of our lives, yet find ourselves feeling DAUNTED, SCARED or STUCK when facing other personal/professional growth areas that are ripe for improvement.

Here’s where it’s posted on Facebook, if you want to share. …

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“They say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” — John Lennon

Every day I give myself a lot of space to be. Space to dream up new possibilities, to write (morning pages style), to breathe and meditate, to read inspiring words, and to move my body in ways that feel nourishing and alive.

The truth is that I fall off the wagon.

I miss a day or three… I go a whole week without writing and sometimes months not regularly meditating or moving my body. …


Willo Sana

Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Coach & Consultant for Badass Activators & Conscious Creators: http://WilloLovesYou.com + Co-founder @YxYY

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