Reinforcement visibility on walls and floors

Using dynamo to control the visibility settings in Revit

The aim of this approach is to maximize the speed process of turning reinforcement into a solid object. this process will be much more efficient to use than the tool provided inside Revit as the commands in Revt forces the user to filter layers to make the reinforcement visible, this can be very time consuming.

In this tutorial I will take you through the steps required to create your own script that automatically control Revit elements visibility, the tutorial will use Dynamo 1.3.1 and Revit 2018. With this process, BIM4Struc package are required.

Set reinforcement visible in current view

  1. Open an existing Revit model that contain floor and walls with reinforcement been applied on it and leave the 3D view active.
  2. On the Manage ribbon, click the Dynamo Icon and start a new dynamo session.
  3. Install BIM4Struc package

4. inside Dynamo, use the search bar provided to search fro all dynamo nodes. Type down “Categories” as shown below.

5. Second node is “all elements of category”. Joint the two node together as shown below.

6. Search for document and select “Document.Current” node as shown below.

7. Search for document and select “Document.ActiveView” and connect the two nodes together as shown below.

8. Fith node is “Boolean” and check “true” as shown below .

9. Search for rebar and select “Rebar.SetUnobsecuredinView” node and connect the following nodes together as shown below.

10. Similar process as hot it was set up as shown above, but change from “Rebar.SetUnobsecuredinView” node to ““Rebar.SetSolidinView” as shown below.

11. You can either now press run inside dynamo or use dynamo player provide For Revit 2018 and press play as sown below. note: use toggle button to turn on/off reinforcement visibility.