The simplest and happiest way to discover our life purpose?

Discovering and living our life purpose is said to be the greatest endeavour.

So what is the simplest way to go about it?

To set the scene I’d like to begin with the notion of consciousness.

Not perhaps the ‘simplest’ concept but bare with me!

I refer to consciousness as in the idea that ‘I am on and I am alive’.

Processing a subjective experience.

From an experiential point of view perhaps it can be thought of as a limitless intelligent awareness actively creating a ‘now’.

When I consider my own consciousness or conscious awareness I can feel that it doesn’t just rest with me, it’s something that I can also sense outside of myself.

I can sense it in other people around me and as I sit here looking into the garden, I can sense it in the trees and in the natural world.

This individual version of consciousness we are ‘housing’ is obviously not something we made, it’s something that was downloaded with us when we were born.

We are a part of nature or nature is residing within us just as it is in the world around us.

Whilst we can direct it, focus it and create with it, it is apparent that we don’t own it.

Rather we are a part of a greater context.

So perhaps we can think of this consciousness as a purposeful force that has been around for quite a while.

Perhaps forever and it always will be although it’s not my intention to focus on any religious standpoint.

What I would like to consider is that nature has been on a long journey of gradual improvement.

Of course there are many atrocities in the world.

However it was only in 1833 that slavery was abolished here in the United Kingdom for example.

That is not even 200 years ago.

I feel it is safe to say that in the sense of the evolution of consciousness we are moving towards good.

I think if it was the other way around we would have destroyed ourselves a long time ago.

So each of us is playing a part in this progression, if of course we choose to.

Which brings us to our purpose in life.

For instance when I consider my own individual version of consciousness or nature within myself.

I can feel that I have a unique role here, my conditioning, my natural skill set, my character and even my ‘flaws’ all combine to be the perfect vehicle for me to carry out my bespoke contribution.

It feels like no part of me is accidental.

Similarly to how a Lion is perfectly designed to carry out her role in the evolution of the natural world in her environment.

I believe that as human beings it is our level of self consciousness, our ability to choose and our level of intelligence that gets us in such a pickle when it comes to owning our purpose.

We always have a choice and a blank canvas within which to play.

We have the ability to lock ourselves away from our inner nature in a castle of luxury with pots of money or to isolate ourselves in any way we see fit.

This is what I refer to as trying to own consciousness, in other words stating that our inner nature is not the version we wanted.

As though we are saying I reject who I am and I want to be an accountant instead of an artist.

So, is our individual version of consciousness or our inner nature pre-loaded with a particular contribution?

Have we been designed to help the world evolve towards the better in a particular way?

Let’s look at the potential evidence of this.

From my own experience of facilitation and the enquiry into the revelation of purpose and authentic contribution over the years, the evidence is clear.

Nature rewards it.

Might it be safe to say that part of the reason that we are all so intent on making sure we are living our ‘true purpose’ is because it feels so damned good to do so!

This is what I mean by nature’s reward and what may lead us to uncover the simplest and happiest way to discovering our life purpose.

When we are in alignment with our purpose we feel incredible and I believe that is because nature has us hardwired that way.

We are intended to bring a particular contribution into the world.

This feeling of elation is our guidance system to help us stay on track.

Which is incredibly useful for humans since our high level of intelligence gives us the choice, (consciously or unconsciously) to stray from our purpose.

Researchers from all over the world have been studying the science and psychology of giving.

They have indeed discovered that our brains and our bodies are hardwired for giving.

When we give, our endorphins activate giving us this natural high feeling; they have named it the ‘helper’s high’.

Our Oxytocin levels (our love hormone which is also anti ageing) and serotonin levels (our happy transmitter) rise and our cortisol levels (our stress hormone) drop.

Giving actually reduces our anxiety levels.

When we give in line with our purpose the feeling is that much more intensified.

Hence why when we meet people who are doing both together they come bounding up to us like a Labrador; alive, elated and highly motivated.

Again we always have a choice as to whether we follow this path of personal authenticity but deep down perhaps our deepest fear is that our unique contribution may die with us.

So how we do find this alignment?

How do we get engaged with this feeling of purpose?

To start with we have to get honest, really honest about how we personally feel about what is right for us.

Then we look back, we look back to the times of our life when we felt in our element.

When we felt most happy, when we felt a powerful sense of belonging.

Most importantly that we could feel a sense of our own unique contribution.

So what if we can’t remember these times in our life?

Perhaps we only experienced them as a child and we have been stuck behind a wall of false self for too long.

Then the way back is to keep trying activities that make us feel the best we know.

Little steps of action that make us feel fulfilled.

Getting among other people who do the very thing we have always wanted to do.

Not the activities and pursuits our parents wish for us or society asks of us.

What we honestly really want to do.

When we find this alignment to our authenticity we uncover the power we need to see any business through the hard times and any endeavour through to its completion.

One thing is for certain, we won’t find it just by thinking about it.

Nature expands actively.

We must get out there and take mini adventures into this majestic playground.

Soon we will re-discover that feeling of belonging, that feeling of flow again and we will naturally want to share it.

We will experience the rush and the happiness that we long for.

But most importantly we will discover for ourselves how incredibly important our unique contribution is in helping this world to continue to evolve towards a better place.

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Originally published at Finding Heart.