Why being highly sensitivity is ideal for your life purpose.

In the previous post we discussed how nature rewards us with endorphins when we are aligned to our purpose and contributing it into the world.

How important it is that our focus is in alignment with nature’s intended purpose for us.

As a highly sensitive person (HSP) our focus and our depth of processing can have a double edged sword when it comes to re-engaging with our purpose.

High sensitivity is a genetic trait formally identified in 1997 by Elaine and Arthur Aron. The scientific term being sensory processing sensitivity which is the defining trait of the highly sensitive person.

A common way to identify the trait is being easily overwhelmed by sensory input or an increased sensitivity to stimulation. For instance a day out in a busy shopping mall or a day sightseeing will frazzle an HSP if there isn’t some down time to follow.

The trait is also known for a greater awareness of subtleties and processing information in a deeper and more reflective way.

If you feel you are highly sensitive and are still yet to identify yourself as having this wonderful trait there is a self test you can take on Elaine Aron’s website: http://hsperson.com

The initial realisation you are highly sensitive can be relief followed by mixed emotions. Be kind to yourself and get support.

You will soon discover how the benefits of the trait will be bespoke to you. These plus sides are very important to identify when it comes to living our purpose as an HSP.

Being an HSP myself I know only too well the depth of processing that my mind naturally wants to do.

In other words whatever we are focusing on as an HSP will be processed deeply.

However as an HSP we have an extra element to consider here.

Due to our depth of processing we must be careful where we are focusing!

We all have a tendency to be self judgemental and self critical however as HSP’s we must be extra vigilant.

Sending our focus in on ourselves from a negative standpoint can be very destabilising for us.

Especially since the most important aspect of living authentically and revealing our purpose is self love and self acceptance.

We cannot expect ourselves to do this on the one hand whilst we are beating ourselves with a stick with the other.

We must keep the relationship with ourselves in good shape and identify the habit of negative self processing.

This requires us to continuously check in with ourselves as to where our focus is going and what the intention behind it is.

As an HSP it is common for us to label our sensitivity as a flaw rather than a benefit as we are getting used to it.

Western society in general is not very supportive of the trait largely due to it being misunderstood.

This means there is a tendency for us to suffer from low self esteem.

Please remember that this is something we take on and is not by any means innate to the trait.

So we can help ourselves here by always checking in to what we are currently focusing on.

Remembering that wherever our focus is means we are going to be analysing and processing deeply.

Knowing myself I know I have a time frame before I hit my sensory overload threshold and have to rest.

So when we over do it and exhaust ourselves this is typically when the negative inner voices take over.

It is at this point we tend to turn the focus on ourselves and all the self criticism begins.

When we are aware we are doing this, it is the moment we must stop and ask ourselves the question:

Where do I have my focus right now?

If it is directed at ourselves with negative intention, we must take our focus elsewhere and switch back to the positive as quickly as possible.

One of the best ways to do this is to listen to an uplifting audio book or positive affirmation meditations. Which are easily found online.

When we do this, not only are we taking our focus away from ourselves but we are also swapping from negative association into positive association.

As an HSP we are as equally susceptible to positivity as we are to negativity and the switch can take place very effectively.

So this habit of focusing on the flaw of our sensitivity is one we must learn to re-frame.

Especially when it comes to identifying our purpose.

As we discussed in the previous post, nature has us downloaded with a purpose when we are born.

In other words we are not here to choose one, we are here to learn to allow ourselves to be who we already are.

So we will soon discover our sensitivity is in fact a key part of our purpose.

I invite you to consider how sensitivity is actually ideal for your purpose and even a requirement.

We must ask ourselves which aspects of my sensitivity give me an advantage?

Is it the awareness of subtleties? Is it the intuition or perhaps the empathic abilities that give me what I need for my particular role here?

We will soon realise that in fact our sensitivity is a key part of the authentic contribution we are here to bring to the world.

Once we focus our depth of processing aligned with our purpose then we are at are most potent.

It is this alignment that will bring us the power we need to bring our purpose into the world.

Also all that we will need to survive the inevitable difficulties that will be presented to us along the way.

Are you new to the awareness of being an HSP? Or if you have known for a while, have you come to realise how well it is suited to your unique contribution here?

Originally published at Finding Heart.

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