Beyond Meat: liberating non-human animals from human consumption
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I have recently read a article here in Medium that this so called plant meat is GE, genetically engineered. A new term for GMOs. The plants are engineered to bleed a blood like substance that satisfies the taste for meat.

I was a vegetarian for almost 15 yrs. I have now returned to my veggie ways since I retired as a chef. The question that always makes me wonder about these “meat” imitations is why???

As a vegetarian I choose not to eat sentient beings. Each ones choice of that is their own. But I refuse to eat fake meat because it seems strange to eat or hunger for animal protein. That sorta defeats the purpose of being vegetarian. I can’t say I haven’t smelled and seen meat that makes me wish sometimes I ate meat. But with me it’s an ethical/moral/spiritual issue. In fact one thing that I love about being vegetarian is vegtables! ! ! Instead of trying to make or eat fake meat I revel in the fresh, in-season taste of what’s available in the produce department, and there is always a large selection of frozen veggies including some new protein mixes in frozen foods.

I see these as vegetarian foods, not some bleeding plant that satisfies our animal nature over- rule our humanity. While I’m not trying to preach but to understand how you can be vegetarian and still crave meat. I put this thought out there to invite conversation. Not to impose my viewpoint /path on others. Peace!

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