The Devaluation of The Black Child in America Will Always Be a Solemn Promise
Ezinne Ukoha

Statistics have shown for decades that crime is predominantly race on race. As a 65 year old white woman, raised in the military and the Jim Crow south. Talk about head spinning. One rule for base and one rule for outside the base where I saw the Woolworth lunch counter signs, drinking fountains and even 3 different bathrooms. Men, women, and negros or colored if you in the more rural parts. When there were facilities at all for black people.

As a white woman I have always been more afraid of a white man than a man of any other color. The white male privilege negatively affected white women also. But no where to the extent that the ‘bubbas disrepected any person of color, male or female.

That Jim Crow attitude STILL exists widely in the south in the 40+ whites, both male and only to a lesser extent women. Most liberal whites in the south in this age range talk about having black friends. But upon further discussion you find they have never been to their homes nor their black “friends “ to their homes. They are just friends at work. Not socially. The only bread they break together is not in their houses of worship or homes but lunch with co-workers or working dinners from overtime at work.

I am also sure this sorry state of affairs is rampant across the nation. Sad. As we become more divided as a nation, no longer united, we must take a stand for what we know is right in our hearts,souls and minds. National polls show around 70% support for what is called progressive issues. But we are for the most part silent. We outnumber the narrow minded bigots about 2 to 1 and it’s time to stand up to these bullies. They DON’T represent the majority of us but like the creaky wheel get the attention we have let these haters take over the system and steer our society into a state of inequality not seen since the times of slavery. We have a FASCIST bigot in the White House because old white men and women put him there. AND WE LET THEM. Now is the time for our side, the true silent majority to take down the entire corrupt system and relate it with one of Co-operation instead of competition. This is the only path to the future and we must set our feet on the path and our hands to the task of tearing down and rebuilding a more just society. One Home, One Family, One Love!

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