Young and Scale-free

Willow Noonan
Jul 5, 2018 · 18 min read

1. Foundations and Blockchains

Shanghai Tower[1], [2]
Schematic diagram of the soil-foundation system of the Shanghai Tower.[5]

2. Blockchains and Value

3. A Measure of Sacrifice

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty is a useful (but likely insufficient) proxy for labor.

4. A New Embodiment of an Old Idea

5. Resource Consumption

6. Weaknesses

7. Layer-2 and the Lightning Network

8. A Different Kind of Lightning

Newton’s cradle.

9. Network Structure: The Rich Get Richer

A bell curve (top left) characterizes links in a national highway network (bottom left), while a power law distribution (top right) characterizes links in an air traffic system (bottom right).[27]

10. Privacy and Identity

Bitcoin Blockchain privacy model.[29]
Lightning Network privacy model.
A hardware wallet can use an X.509 digital certificate to verify the identity of a recipient.

11. Conclusion

Willow Noonan

Written by

Head of R&D and IP Development, IoT, GlobalSign.

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