9–5 is not working hard. My day started at 6am + ended at 10pm.

Apparently meeting with professional connex to watch and discuss Ted Talks is an opportunity to victimize your sob story.

Nonetheless, I stayed and observed.

We gather around, watch some videos then everyone gets on their soap box and theorizes about said topic.

Today’s happened to be on leadership. A topic I love to discuss. Not I love to discuss with amongst non-doers.

Nothing will make you want to eat your hat more than hearing someone use the platform as their personal therapy sesh (as referenced above) and at the end of it, saying they “work too hard” after they just got done telling you they have nights and weekends off from said 9–5.

Meanwhile, I…

  • Got up at 6am, ran 4 miles
  • quick shower, throw down a protein shake, get to the office by 8am
  • 1.5 hour audit call with a partner
  • Straight into a 3 hour content meeting for a brand re-org until 1:45ish
  • Throw down some lunch, back at it at 2:30
  • Put my creative cap on to synthesize, rewrite, reorganize current content and new content development plan until 530
  • Hustle to the meet up at 6, stay til 730
  • Get home, talk to my gf on the phone while shoving down some dinner
  • Work on emails and catching up for two hours until writing this post at 10:15pm


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