Barack Judas Iscariot Obama

The charm is gone when he sells you out for 30 pieces of silver.

10/2008 Michael Froman’s team at Citigroup vetted Obama’s cabinet; 2009–2011 Obama approves 470 billion in TARP funding for Citibank; 2017 Obama makes 60 million in one year from Wall Street speeches and book contracts for books he isn’t writing. Obvious conspiracy in plain sight.

Obama lost (for us). Look at the score board. But he’s doing okay.

The following statement really isn’t an opinion: from 2008 to 2016, Barack Obama failed as the leader of the Democratic Party. He raised plenty of money for the DNC, more than any political organization in history. Here is a further article about DNC fundraising from 2003 to 2017. Yet, the Democratic party hemorrhaged seats and ended up with a lower percentage of state, local and federal offices than at any time in the party’s history since 1924. Over 1000 seats, two thirds of the states, the senate, the house and the supreme court: under Obama’s leadership, the Democrats lost everything.

The job of party leader is to win. Obama’s leadership was a disaster for the party. You can’t really argue that he did a good job as party leader. If he was a pitcher, his ERA would be 10.5. He’d be cut. If he was a manager, his team would have won about ⅓ of its games and he would have been fired.

Literally, Obama left the party with nothing left to lose… Check that: the contractors who are still getting paid by the DNC and other hangers-ons do have something to lose. Outrageously, contractors also are allowed to elect the DNC chair, who then, in turn, decides whether or not they continue to get contracts. Lee Fang at the Intercept wrote quite a bit about the circular money party at the DNC. You can’t let the electors get paid by the guy they elect. You see what happens, right?

Further, Obama departed the scene with the Democratic Party completely lead by rich, White people. There are no minorities in positions of leadership and none of the Democratic senators have picked any minorities to be their chief of staff.

Meanwhile, Obama himself has done quite well. In 2008, before he was elected, he made some kind of arrangement with CitiBank, as is clear in the Froman spreadsheet. Then, as president, Obama gave CitiBank 469 billion in TARP funding. Now that he is done being president, banks are throwing money back at Obama.

He’s hanging out on the super yachts of billionaires. He’s dining with rock stars. His daughter got a job in Hollywood. He is trying out new fashions. And he’s made 60 million dollars. He probably did not write “Dreams From My Father” and is getting a big check for doing nothing for his next book, as he is not in fact a good writer.

Judas Iscariot was a pretty good disciple of Jesus, other than selling Jesus out for 30 pieces of silver. Obama was a pretty good president for Black America and progressives… except…

Stop. When it comes to selling out, there ain’t no except. You’re either for the people or the oligarchs and big banks. FDR was for the people.

Not Barack Judas Iscariot Obama.

Whoops, I take that back.

That’s not really fair, to call him Barack Judas Iscariot Obama. I mean, Judas had to sell Jesus out in order for Jesus to fulfill his role in dying for the sins of the world. Barack has no theological justification, he’s just a straight up sell out.

I don’t want to smear Judas. He was no Obama.

“Smiling faces, smiling faces, tell lies and I got proof…”

The Brennan Center for Justice released a study that concluded the U.S. could set free 39 percent of its prison population with no threat to public safety as Obama left office. Obama only offered clemency to 1,200 people. Under Obama, Black households lost 40% of their 2007 net worth. As Obama left the scene, the wage gap between Black and White workers was as bad as in 1979. Inequality between rich and poor is as bad as 1928.

TARP. CitiBank. Froman. Podesta. War. Drones. Guantanamo. Prison. Inequality. Republican control. Trump. Libya war destabilizing ⅓ of Africa. Deportations. That’s Obama’s legacy.

“The merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.” That’s from the Declaration of Independence. Racism is the original sin of the nation. Our first Black president should have been a turning point. Unfortunately, Obama could not lead his party, and thus could not lead the nation, and nothing improved in terms of inequality, racism, or imperialism during his tenure.

He could have lead. “The Republicans were mean to me!” is no excuse. He sold us out to Lloyd Bankfeld, George Soros, Michael Froman, the big banks, the military industrial complex, and the insurance companies. We got nothing but Trump, thanks to Obama.

A party leader does not sit there and let his party tear itself apart, as the Democrats did in 2016. Judas, on the other hand, doesn’t care about the party, but only himself. It wasn’t Judas on the cross. Judas is dining on a yatch and making fashion statements, hobnobbing in Hollywood, setting up his children to get insider deals.

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