Scorched-Earth Politics: Bernie Sanders and the Dishonest Campaign that Gave Us Trump
Blair Durkee

Don’t compare Bernie to right wing populists

Compare Bernie to FDR. Compare Bernie to Eugene Debs. Compare Bernie to Martin Luther King, who planned a presidential run before he was shot, but don’t compare him to Hillary’s buddy, Goldwater.

Of course we, his supporters, care about politics and want something revolutionary. That is because the system sucks and pretty much always has sucked. We live in a racist state. We live with extreme inequality. We are destroying the planet. We want to fix that shit and apparently you want to stoke your ego by lecturing to us and not do shit.

First, let’s cover the omissions in your article. The Democratic primary was a fraud. If there is an election in some country, say Kenya, or Ukraine, and the results are fraudulent, you aren’t surprised to read the body count in the article. The fraud that occurred in 2016 was the same kind of crap, and yet there was no body count, literally dead people. If you steal elections and deny the aggreived the right to sue in court, as happened with the DNC suit, then you have no choice but to rebel in the street, which can turn into violence.

That didn’t happen in this case. We were very nice to you theives. We could have starting shooting. We probably do need to kill some oligarchs, really. I bet if we ripped George Soros out of his private plane and slit his throat, we’d get some health care. Since you don’t want us to vote for a moderate, reasonable leftist like Bernie Sanders, eventually, something like that will need to happen.

Secondly, we do not have a free press in America. The right to free speech must include some recognition of the right to HEAR a diversity of opinions not only to speak them to mean anything. If, again, you think of a repressive state, like China, and if the people rebel against their propaganda media, you would not be surprised… but if the same is true in America, you seem to get mad at us for wanting a free press and fair coverage of elections, not an elite fraud, again fraud.

The mainstream media was extremely biased, dishonest and in the pocket of Hillary Clinton. If you read the following paragraphs, I refer to Wikileaks ID number from the Podesta and DNC leaks.

This statement is obviously true but, in case any Blue Dogs are capable of dealing with a coherent, evidence-based argument, here is one. In 2015, I thought there was bias in the media. I suspected that some elite journalists hung around with politicians, favoring some, sharing an insulated world view, but that there was no “mainstream media” as right wingers used the term.

ID 59125, from 2007 to Sara Ehrman, includes a memo written to “Memo To:​ George and Jonathan Soros, Peter and Jonathan Lewis, Herb and Marion Sandler, Steve Bing, John Sperling, Michael Vachon” from John Podesta called “COMBINED FUNDRAISING, MESSAGING AND MOBILIZATION PLAN.” This memo outlines plans to turn the already power deferential corporate media into a liberal echo chamber, as the right has on Fox and talk radio.

Tin foils hats, wild conspiracies, George Soros, yeah, shadow government… all nuts… but wait! It’s all true! Go read the memo! It’s been online since October 2016 and have you heard about it in the MSM? Why not? BECAUSE IT’S ALL TRUE. The media is lying to you every day, all day, and doing nothing else. If that were not the case, they would have reported on this memo and reformed their ways. Instead, they don’t want you to know the memo exists and continue to soak up their propaganda. Wake up! I just gave you the ID number.

I used to laugh when Jon Stewart poked his finger in Fox News’ eye. Then I thought there was a substantial difference between the propaganda of Fox and the real, if biased, news of the other traditional outlets, like the New York Times, CBS, NBC, and CNN.

We worked for Bernie and saw the amazing energy. For once, what talking heads said should happen was happening: people were being moved by the issues (break up the banks, minimum wage, no TPP, etc.) and getting active. Then came 2016. The releases on Wikileaks showed direct coordination, not just a confluence of interests.

Blackout. No news about people coming together to stand up to the oligarchy. That was no coincidence, not driven by ratings. The corporate interests behind big media do not want an awake citizenry. So, they lied, distorted, omitted: every outlet who coordinated with Podesta should be considered fake news. You don’t give a political operative control over your story and call yourself a journalist. What the New York Times and their ilk is doing is pure propaganda. Now, let’s prove that proposition.

Let’s start with this, an interview from November 29, 2016:

AMY GOODMAN: March 15th, Super Tuesday III, was the night when Rubio gave his speech, and Ted Cruz gave his speech, Clinton gave her speech, and Donald Trump, they waited for half an hour for him to give his speech and showed the open podium, as they often did. They showed more of the open podium waiting for Donald Trump than ever playing your speeches. That’s what — those were all the candidates that night. And they played all their full speeches. They did not play one word of your speech. You were speaking in Phoenix, Arizona, to the largest rally of any of those people that night. They didn’t even speculate where you were.

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: I wish I could disagree with you. No, no, no, Amy is raising a very — and we go into it in the book. I was stunned. I mean, you know, in the middle of the campaign, you’re not figuring out this stuff or thinking about it. Turns out that from January 1st, 2015, I think, through November 2015, ABC Evening News had us on for 20 seconds.


Clinton Staff hosts private “off-the-record cocktail party” with 38 “influential” reporters, journalists, editors, and anchors (from 16 different mainstream media outlets including CNN, NBC, CBS, NYT, MSNBC, & more) with the stated goal of “framing the race” (ID 5953 see attachment).

John Podesta hosts a dinner with reporters: I’m “Cooking for 30 of your reporter friends” (ID 4543#efmAAGABu. Full list of media guests (ID 12063).

MSNBC’s Meet The Press host and Political Director for NBC News, Chuck Todd, hosted a dinner party in 2015 for Clinton Campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri (ID 13686).


Another chain (ID 5508) reveals MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and DNC staff members discussing how to discredit Sanders.

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski’s call for Wasserman Schultz to resign. Schultz tells Todd to behave (ID 4025) and he does.

Hillary Clinton reads directly from script during Phone Interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes (ID 4274#efmAEcAWc).

Video at CNBC panelist colluding with John Podesta on what to ask Trump when he calls in for an interview (ID 7710#efmAakAd6AjgAlR).

Wasserman Schultz sent an email to NBC anchor Chuck Todd with the subject line “Chuck, this must stop,” and set up a time for the two to talk about MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski calling on Wasserman Schultz to step down (ID 10945).

Amazon/CIA/The Washington Post:

The Washington Post took money from the CIA. The Nation reported, “[Jeff Bezos, owner of and the Washington Post] recently secured a $600 million contract from the CIA. That’s at least twice what Bezos paid for the Post this year. Bezos recently disclosed that the company’s Web-services business is building a ‘private cloud’ for the CIA to use for its data needs.” Also see, “IBM Concedes $600M CIA Cloud Deal To Amazon” on, October 30, 2013.

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank asked the DNC to do research for a negative column he wrote about Donald Trump in April 2016. Milbank’s column was titled, “The Ten Plagues of Trump,” and featured a list of “outrageous things” said by Trump. Internal DNC emails suggest Milbank’s asked for — and then leaned heavily on — DNC opposition research on Trump for the article (DNC IDs 5531, 8993).

On December 18, 2015, Amazon sent an email to all US customers, even those who declined to receive advertising and newsletters, with the headline, “Most Read from The Washington Post: DNC: Sanders campaign improperly accessed Clinton voter data… Please enjoy this complimentary daily newsletter from The Washington Post, an award-winning news leader, brought to you by Amazon, working to be Earth’s most customer-centric company.”

Google, Facebook and Amazon used every resource they could to help Hillary cheat.


In ID 15092#efmARfAUUAZpAd9AfGAf6, Podesta is invited to meet Mark Zuckerberg to discuss “political operations to advance public policy goals on social oriented objectives (like immigration, education or basic scientific research).” Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, said in ID 19070#efmACIAD6 “I still want HRC [Hillary Rodham Clinton] to win badly,” she wrote. “I am still here to help as I can. She came over and was magical with my kids.”

The New York Times:

Clinton campaign and the New York Times coordinating attack strategy against Trump (ID 4664). New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich gives Hillary veto power over his story (ID 4213#efmDV1DWd).

John Podesta receiving drafts of New York Times articles before they’re published (ID 844). New York Times and AP “helpful” to Clinton campaign, says Podesta (ID 5502).

Clinton staff “Placing a story” with Politico / New York Times “place a story with a friendly journalist” “we have a very good relationship with Maggie Haberman of Politico” “we should shape likely leaks in the best light for HRC” (ID 7524#efmA14A2IA3AA36A9fA-kA-6BAICwpCx4). Coordinating against Trump with the New York Times (ID 4664).

Neera Tanden on the New York Times and Associated Press being helpful to the Clinton Campaign… (ID 5502).

Cheryl Mills on “placing a story” with a “friendly journalist [Maggi Haberman of Politico]”… We have had her tee up stories for us before and have never been disappointed” (ID 7524#efmA14A2IA3AA36A9fA-kA-6BAICwpCx4).

Nick Merrill “I’ve spoken to both [New York Times and Wall Street Journal] to steer them towards progressive names,” regarding Hillary Clinton’s approach to economic policy (ID 9007#efmAcTAdS).

In ID 1542, Lynn Rothschild sent a 16 page paper to the New York Times’ Amy Chozik to influence her reporting. Doc leaked to Podesta and crew from “one of our friends.”

In an article called “On WikiLeaks, Journalism, and Privacy: Reporting on the Podesta Archive Is an Easy Call” Glenn Greenwald noted that The New York Times’ David Barstow said he does not care who leaked us Trump’s tax return, or what the motivation was. Yet, CNN’s Chris Cuomo said that it was illegal to read Wikileaks.

Boston Globe: The Boston Globe colludes with Clinton campaign to give Hillary a “big presence” (ID 4180#efmAJhALE). Ad for Hillary Clinton secretly pitched by ‘right-leaning’ Heat Street ‘journalist’ Louise Mensch (ID 5740#efmAMvAUe).

Huffington Post and the Hill: Brent Budowsky (writer for The Hill and Huffington Post) warns John Podesta about possible Hillary attacks and that not talking to the press is killing her support: “I’m not going to raise this publicly, but..” (ID 6453#efmARBAUVAVJAXBAfNAhWAkaAl4).

Huffington Post contributor Frank Islam writes to John Podesta in email titled “My blogs in the Huffington Post”, says “I am committed to make sure she is elected the next president.” “Please let me know if I can be of any service to you” (ID 5988#efmADmAE6AF-AG1).

Nevertheless, despite (or because of) the clear bias of the Huffington Post, the DNC granted a debate to the organization of DNC chair January 2017.

Associated Press: Clinton staff “placing a story with a friendly at the AP (Matt Lee or Bradley Klapper)” (ID 9272#efmBKsBMU). Clinton staff appearing to control the release times of Associated Press articles (ID 8460). The Associated Press openly collaborates to write positive HRC stories and negative Bernie stories. Podesta and other campaign staff discussing options regarding the release of an Associated Press story about the deletion of Clinton server emails, and how to proceed with a statement on publication implying that they have some amount of control over when the story is released.

Politico: Kenneth Vogel of Politico forwards a pending story to DNC for review, as “per agreement”. It is worth pointing out he sent this before his own editors saw it (Wikileak ID 10808).

Glenn Thrush, Politico’s chief political correspondent and senior staff writer for Politico Magazine, sends John Podesta an article for his approval. Writes: “Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this. Tell me if I fucked up anything” (ID 12681#efmAByAEV).

CNN: Phil Mudd, a former CIA counterterrorism official, appeared on CNN and he claimed Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is a “pedophile.” CNN later had to retract the statement. Wolf Blitzer plans his Trump interview with Podesta (ID 23554).

Conclusion: The mainstream media (MSM) was down (and still is) with the DNC and HRC. One team: MSM-DNC-HRC.

And you know I’m just getting warmed up on the OMISSIONS from this silly article comparing Bernie Sanders to right wing populists.

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