Fascism or FDR. Democrats, chose.
Will Pflaum

I took this out:

The Democrats should get out in front of the Wikileaks situation and hold hearings to see if 1) the DNC colluded with the media; 2) if the emails are legit (of course they are); 3) if Citibank picked Obama’s cabinet; 4) if HRC campaign played Pied Piper to help Trump win the Republican primary; 5) is there anything ugly in the pizza and pool party emails?; 6) did the DNC rob Bernie Sanders?; 7) is the Clinton Foundation a slush fund?; 7) did Chelsea take 3 million dollars for her wedding and not report it on her taxes?; 8) did the HRC collude with the superpacs?

Let’s find out. Democrats, don’t cover it up. Don’t hide your head in the sand. Don’t be partisan. Go for the truth. It’ll be better if things turn out to be as bad as they look.

And not all Democrats are implicated. Only the ones who supported Clinton. If they want to get that stain off of themselves, do it. Don’t keep covering shit up and changing the topic and hiding behind CNN and the New York Times. Also, Russia! And whatever else.

— —

There is no reason to be convinced Podesta is a pedophile. Someone should ask him to explain the references to pool parties and pizza and not pretend that stuff doesn’t exist and settle the matter openly.

There is no clear evidence that Podesta is a pedophile but there are some weird references that should be easy to explain if innocent. There are enough of those that rumors can be substantiated. The narrative is there to be debunked, unless it’s true. If it’s true, Democrats better not be covering for a pedophile out of partisan considerations.

Look, pedophile rings exist in 2016 in Norway. They existed before in the Vatican and in Belgium. There are strange things in Podesta’s emails.

Why were kids he didn’t know in a pool considered “entertaining” to him by someone who knew him well? What about Denny Hastert? What about the references to pizza? Just ask, settle it, and move on.

Don’t leave it there hanging. You want to lead us in a fight against fascism? With that shit out there?