La ronda de Yadico — August 25, Get Your Chocolate and Strip

Pazzis Sureda (1907–1939) ( a Spanish artist, poet and scupltor. In 1926, Pazzis, then 19, moved from the Meditterrean island of Mallorca to the mountains of the Pyrennes in the province of Aragon to escape her friends and family and hide her pregnancy.

When she was born in a medieval palace that was once the residence of a king, Pazzis was one of 11 children of the richest man in Mallorca. Then things changed. By the time she was 14, she had known years of hunger.

While living in the Pyrennes, she wrote up various vinettes of peasant life. She writes of riding on a mule, holding on to the sweaty shirt of the quiet, simple man. She writes of a two day party in the dark, with dozens of guests and few beds. She writes simple dialogues of her conversations with a woman who lived near by about religion and how she had to practically beat off another horny man in the village who followed her around when her husband was at work.

Here is another vignette in Pazzis’ papers, one that is so bizarre and ethnographic, even pornographic, presented in full.

A town above Boltaña celebrates the Ronda of Yadico on August 25 every year. The point of this round is to spread chocolate on women’s bellies, using the brand that each house uses for their cattle. Married men, old single men prowl around with guitars and mandolins, etc. in the women’s rooms, where they wait for them lying in their beds.
Don Heladio, the one who told me this, says:
“Me and a buddy were over there that day, as old single men they invited us to the ronda.
When everyone is ready, one says:
‘Well, where do we begin?’
‘Hey, you guys, begin with mine!’ said the oldest man of the ronda.
So, like that, the ronda went to that house, passing by rooms and hallways, we came to a large bed, where a couple of ladies were laying around.
They came in raising hell and señor Jose, a man who jokes a lot, rushed like a beast on top of the wife of the owner. The companion and I were in the door, a little embarassed, and the owner insisted, a little timid, saying to us:
‘There you go don Juan! Don Heladio! Enjoy yourself!’”
The ronda continued. They went to look for a pot of chocolate, a brand to mark the cattle, and submerging the brand in the chocolate they went around marking the bellies of all the women of the village.
And not only the belly, says don Heladio, but also the more intimate parts. This particular day you are allowed to play out all kinds of jokes on the women and the women accept it all as a joke.

Pazzis was there and this is what Heladio says he saw. She makes it sound like they do this every year. If anyone is in and around Boltaña on August 25, bring some chocolate, in case they are still doing the Ronda of Yadico. If they are still doing this, if this is an ongoing tradition, let me know. You can borrow my cattle brand.

Question: is this true? Did they ever and do they now brand women in their private parts with chocolate then eat the chocolate off of them on August 25 in Boltaña? I have to say, that is mad kinky. Can you do the Ronda de Yadico somewhere else on August 25 or only over there in that town? If you did throw together a Ronda de Yadico, I bet the tickets would be gone in less than 24 hours. I don’t really like chocolate that much but it might depend on who is wearing it, and where.

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