Like soup , this death fog is thick with an evil that permeates the very air, every corner, every thought in your brain.

This Pepsi ad contains the seeds of all evil, and represents a hell beyond all imagination. You stand in this hell and say a true word, “But… wait…” and your being and essence is obliterated and you have become a non person, you soul merged with the infinite and profitable soul of the corporation.

Welcome to the Planet Zog, where everyone is good looking and young, protesting incoherently for peace without taking a selfie is a regular activity (but seems pretty unnecesary given the state of affairs on this perfect planet, which is why they smile when they protest), you can play cello and be cool (nice!), race, sexual orientation and religion don’t matter because everyone is so cute, cops are especially cute, rent is not a problem in the spacious city so no one has to work, no fat, old, disabled people, no children, and digital photography and cell phones have not been invented. Also, Pepsi. It’s a slightly retro world where cloning has replaced procreation and no one gets old and dies. You want to live in the world of this Pepsi ad, it looks so perfect. But you know that behind this facade of youth and happiness some truly horrendous murderous treason must be lurking, so deeply behind all illusions, that to merely glance at the structure propping up this world of London Brooklyn paradise will reveal a seething world of rot and evil beyond worlds. That evil lurks in the corners of this video as palpably and solidly as the subterrean stones of Stonehenge; beneath the soil of Zog, a soul sucking lifelessness will render this planet void and lifeless in an instant.

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