Notice how the terms “left” and “right” don’t really seem to make sense any more?

Who hates Clinton? The left or the right? Well, both or neither. Are Trump supporters left or right? None of that works. It’s about democracy versus oligarchy. With out democracy at stake, maybe we can all get along?

Is there any chance of some part of the Trump supporters and some percentage of us after-Berners forming a new party or something like that after this election?

Obviously, traditional notions of “policy” are not what bring us together from opposite sides of the spectrum. We agree that America is not really a democracy. In other words, we may not agree on what the government should do, but we do agree about how the government should do it.

Maybe we can break through the right-left dynamic and bring those opposed to the oligarchs together to change how we do politics. I know, a long shot, but just maybe we can try to realign the parties.

For starters, do we agree about stuff like this:

  1. Term limits for state and federal office holders.
  2. No revolving door. No government employees should get rich from holding office during or after they leave office. No gifts, no lobbying jobs, no boards of directors. You make money in the private sector or you live by your salary as a government official.
  3. An independent cop on the beat for public corruption.
  4. All public documents immediately posted online with no need to FOIA or FOIL request documents. It’s easier to put something online than photocopy and file in a drawer.
  5. All laws written in plain English and limited to a single issue.
  6. Equal application of law rich and poor alike. No more free passes for CEOs and well connected politicians.
  7. All legislation posted to the internet for public review prior to voting.
  8. No more bigwigs. No high salaries, government cars, and lots of taxpayer paid staff for legislators and chief executives at the state and federal levels.
  9. No closed primaries. All taxpayers pay for primary elections. All voters should be allowed to vote.
  10. No electronic voting. All ballots on paper.
  11. Mandatory free airtime for all candidates on the ballot for federal and state office. No need to buy ads when by law, the people own the airwaves.
  12. Net neutrality.
  13. No laws restricting municipalities from offering internet to their residents.
  14. Renew congressional war powers. No president may engage in an act of war without the consent of congress.
  15. Constitutional amendment to limit federal judges to one 20 year term instead of “life” tenure on the bench. (Hey, Ray Kurzweil thinks we might live to be 300. Plus, if the judges weren’t on for so long — appointed in his or her 40s, s/he could still be on the bench in 50 years — then the confirmation process might be easier, with less at stake with each nomination.)

Something like that. It’s a start. It’s all process, not issues. If we disagree about healthcare, education, defense, whatever, let’s disagree openly and fairly and try to come up with something that might actually worked based on the real, public debate, not pretend to have a debate while a deal is cut behind our backs to make someone rich.

What do you think? Pirate Party?