Sad Obama, so very sorry for himself

Obama’s Rolling Stone interview is a disgrace to himself, the magazine, and America

Wrecked the party. Got rolled by Republicans. Trashed war powers provisions of the constitution. Obamacare sucks. Promoted loser Hillary. No wonder he’s so sad and looks beat. Losers get beat.
“If you look at the data from the election, if it were just young people who were voting, Hillary would have gotten 500 electoral votes.” — Barack Obama, November 30, 2016

Wrong Barack. If only young people could vote, Bernie Sanders would be president.

Remember the primary? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

The primary was stolen. Get over it? Why? When the Democrats have learned nothing and made no changes to the process?

Obama has learned nothing. He still opposes Kieth Ellison as DNC head even now. Obama is leaving a Democratic party with no black leaders, no black people with top positions as senate staffers, completely broken and waffling. Shambles, and very coastal and very banker and very white.

Stolen, not rigged, is justified. Read the Observer and the Intercept. We now know that the debates were rigged, the primary calendar was made for HRC’s benefit, reporters collaborated with the campaign, the DNC spread false stories about Bernie and his supporters (“throwing chairs”), kicked people off the voter rolls, closed primary voting locations, came up with this super delegates fiasco, that Google intentionally elevated Clinton in various ways, etc. That’s no democracy.

Now for Rolling Stone. The word “wikileaks” does not appear in the article. No questions about why Michael Froman of CitiBank picked his cabinet and then got more TARP funding than any other entity.

If Obama doesn’t have an answer for this problem, then he is a sell out. Someone has to ask him to explain this spreadsheet or he has no legacy.

Seems like it’s not polite to mention WikiLeaks around Democrats. The problem is WikiLeaks has 100% record of accuracy.

Now, one more thing from Wikileaks. Pied Piper memo and subsequent emails to CNN prove that Trump got two billion in free media at the behest of Hillary’s campaign.

Obama knew the primary was rigged and let it go forward. Obama should have known that HRC was promoting Trump as the easiest one for her to beat in the general election. He knew that Bernie did better against Trump than Hillary.

What did he do?

He looked at Kennedy portrait and practiced his “thoughtful” look to use in case someone asked him about Standing Rock, so he could say “let it play out.”

“Democracy” and “tended” — sounds very presidential and thoughtful don’t you think? Who would guess that a weak, useless Citibank bank employee said it?

Interestingly, Bernie would have been great for the people but bad for the banks.

We Bernie bros are so sexist and racist. Remember how Bernie kept interrupting Hillary during the debate that was so sexist! True when he said he was in favor of paying family and medical leave he actually meant it while she was just spouting a public position…

But Obama is sad. So sad. We have his email from Citibank and now he won’t be able to get his check like Hillary did.

The leadership of the progressive wing of what’s left of the Democratic Party includes a black man from Minnesota a Muslim, a black woman from Ohio, A female Hindu veteran from Hawaii, and of course an old Jewish man from Vermont. The corporate wing of the party is lead exclusively by Rich-white people from New York City and San Francisco California.

Obama sides with the rich white folks again.

But he’s sad. So sad. The people didn’t obey him.

Bill and Hillary told him the politics was about politicians getting paid. Turns out you actually have to do something for the people if you want them to vote for you, no matter how good-looking and charming and intelligent you appear.

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