Please read this. I love you and you are not listening. Do not respond immediately.
Melanie Pflaum

There are plenty of doomsday scenarios with Hillary. Corruption matters. War without end is not a good thing. The point of this article or at least the central point is that her own auditors found that the Clinton foundation was deficient. That finding is apart from the fact they spent almost no money on charity. You can’t honestly be defending the Clinton foundation. Also in the news yesterday was the fun Dacians at Mission the Clinton excepted $1 million in gifts from the government of Qatar. That admission alone should disqualify her from holding any office at any time. And yet that is not even a major news story. And all this immediate rush to talk about the right to choose his nonsense. No Republican has made a serious effort to reverse the right to choose and Trump certainly is not going to do it. Obama just picked a corporate lawyer for the Supreme Court and I expect more of the same from Hillary.