Dear Senator Sanders: I’m with You in the Fight Ahead
David Brock

You ran a race-baiting, Jew-hating campaign against a good man, and the people who supported him. You fed the media straight-up lies, such as the garbage idea that he was faking his activism in the 60’s. You did that, that was you. You ran a sleazy operation that was based entirely upon being “technically not illegal.” You tried to make the case that Bernie Sanders supports death camps and disappearing political opponents on the basis of his use of the term “socialist.” You spent the primaries running nasty attacks against people who supported the man — we’re all racist sexist white trash “bernie bros” — even our grandmothers are, if they support them. These are Americans you were talking about, Democrats, and you did your level best to denigrate, debase, and dehumanize them.

But you did nothing outside of your nature. You, who looked at Anita Hill and declared her “A little bit nutty and a little bit slutty.” This is the thing you are, Mr. Brock — and yes, you are a THING, an object, a non-person. There is no inherent value to your life because, through your greed, through your bigotry, through your stupidity, you have undoubtedly cost many people their lives and livelihoods — and it woudl have been the case of that hawkish harridan Klanswoman you backed won, too.

If you want to apologize, here’s what you do. You get a livestream video. Sit in a wooden chair buck-ass naked. Give us all your profoundest, most heartfelt apologies while hammering a nail through your penis and scrotum. Then stand up, very quickly. I might consider you to be sincere at that point. Until then, Mr. Brock, I invite you and any misbegotten fishlike offspring you may have spawned to leap into traffic.

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