On Old Souls And Twin Flames

What is that I hear you say? ‘Oh no! Not another article on the mystical universe and our deep inner connection to it! I have work to do, maybe I’ll write this article tonight’. Nah, now is the time so let’s dive in.

So what are Old Souls and Twin Flames anyway and how are they related? Also, why do Old Souls have a hard time finding the love they want? These are all questions that I’ve been asking myself and here is what I’ve learnt. So if you are struggling to find that dream relationship or you are finding it hard to discover your purpose in life, chances are you need to ask yourself the same questions.


First of all old souls know deep in the depths of their hearts that they are on a mission and that no one will ever stop them. Not their parents, nor their friends, not even their partner. They know they need to invest their time in the very purpose which fulfills them most and if, like many, you have not yet figured out what your purpose is then chances are it is very difficult for you to allow someone new into your life. Allow yourself the time to be alone and invest your energy into discovering what that purpose is. Sit back, relax and keep to your path. Trust that things will unfold and lessons will be learnt.

Next, an old soul has a deep connection with animals and nature. Being among them gives you peace of mind, you find inspiration in the natural and constantly seek to spend more time in nature. You are aware that everything is connected so you are highly conscious of the environment.

Old souls listen to their intuition. They feel above all else. Problem is Society has instilled an element of fear into your subconscious so at times you doubt your inner voice and allow fear to take charge. Don’t! Allow it to be your guide and embrace your inner fear with compassion knowing that all will be OK.

Old Souls are picky! You know what you want, when you want it and how you want it. You are aware that no one is perfect, not even you but you are clear with your needs and do not accept anything less. You have lists, lots of them and you find yourself analysing situations against these lists. Friends and family will encourage you to settle or state that you are too picky! Again, don’t! It is evidence that you have a vision. Keep going. You will know when things are right for you. It will be like water flowing down a stream, easy and replenishing.

Lastly, an important indication that you are an old soul is that you seek a relationship with someone who is on the same journey as you. You have a vision of what your next deep relationship will be like. This person will not distract you from your path, instead they will walk alongside you. There are no complaints about ‘not spending enough time together’. You ARE together. Whether or not you are within each other’s physical presence. The problem is once again that society has taught us that we are two halves, and that we require ‘a better half’. This is a lie! We are whole beings, abundant and creative. We alone have the power to create our own happiness. Old souls know this despite their occasional self doubt. They seek nothing short of a mystical union. To engage with a reflection of their true selves. Wow! I wonder if Tinder or any other dating app caters for such requirements. Talk about tough, yet amazing. This leads me to the second part of my story.


I recently heard that despite all being unique, relationships can be categorised under three headings. For someone with an analytical mind like myself, the following is a life saver! It also puts a few things into perspective when I try to understand my own personal journey. So what are these three relationships you speak of? The first is the Karmic relationship. Google states that they are the type you don’t want, but everybody has. These are the life lessons. Ralph Smart calls them the ‘Coca Cola relationship’ because they drain you of your energy, are emotionally taxing and there is a strong element of control. Beware of these relationships and know when the lesson is learnt. Have the strength to let go despite the fear of being alone and the pain that comes with it. Society promotes these relationships in the form of settling down just for the sake of being with someone. Old souls know this. Chances are you do too! The karmic relationship requires that you abandon your Truth only to rediscover it down the line when it breaks down in the form of a divorce, separation or even death. So what are we waiting for? We should all strive for more. Don’t get lost in the false security of a karmic relationship. Dive Deeper. I invite you.

The Soulmate relationship. Now things are heating up! I was told that these kinds of relationships are experienced through a harmonic resonance of all your senses. Upon seeing, hearing, smelling and touching your soulmate something special happens. Your soulmate enjoys the same things you do. Food, music, fashion, sports, anything in our external world that appeals to us is equally appreciated by our soulmate. We feel we are in the presence of our best friend, not just our intimate partner. However, know that we have a soul mate in every country, potentially every town or city around the world! They are not that common as the karmic relationships, but be aware that you may experience more than one soulmate relationship in one lifetime. So don’t get attached if things don’t go as planned. Patience, understanding and care for yourself. Stick to your purpose and all will unfold. Fear prevents us from letting go, tears roll down our face and the separation with a soulmate is crushing. Remain grateful of the experience as many settle for less. Know you are brave and that letting go is the greatest act of love you can give them and yourself. So this leaves me with the final type of relationship. Now this, I have yet to see or experience.

The Twin Flame relationship. Holy Mama! The person standing before you is but a reflection of yourself. Your soul’s counterpart in the Universe. They shine a light on your dark side and celebrate your beauty, even your ugly toes or teeth! It is a mystical union. A once in a lifetime experience. It is energising yet requires work and commitment. You are together whether it has happened or not. There is no need for urgency. The trick is timing. Synchronicity is key. You may already know your Twin Flame but you are both not ready yet. The time will come when you are. In this lifetime or the next, or the one after that. You feel it rather than think it.

However, for the sake of accuracy I will tell you what a twin flame is not. When the Ego comes out to play, that is not your twin flame. If you feel drained spending time with them, that is not your twin flame. If they do not share the same values as you, the same food choices, the beliefs as you or the same visions as you, that is not your twin flame. If they bring out the worst in you, trigger you or leave you feeling unimportant or unworthy, that is not your twin flame. If you focus on their physical attributes more than their inner being, that is not your twin flame. If they are distracting you from your purpose, that is not your twin flame. If you feel you need to impress them, that is not your twin flame. If like many of us this person has not yet come to pass, then sit back relax and don’t rush it. When you know, you will know. Trust in something greater and never give up on your true self. Keep searching for your purpose and slowly the pieces will all be in place for you to receive what your heart has been craving for as long as you can remember.