Written By: Caroline Lengyel, Strategy Manager at Will Reed

Several years out of college, my peers at a management consulting firm began applying for business school at top MBA programs around the world. My life was taking a different path (a path that led me to my current job, which I love), but I nonetheless attended every b-school application workshop I could. I’m not sure why I did, but let’s chalk it up to a gut feeling that it might be useful someday. Much to my surprise, that “someday” became “every day” for me.

A phrase the business school application advisors frequently quipped was “What’s your story?” They were using it in a very literal term, guiding hopeful MBA candidates to craft their application essays into narratives differentiated from the thousands that admissions officers would receive. That simple question sparked a season of self-reflection and future goal-setting for each of my friends, and I quickly recognized the value of building one’s narrative stretches far beyond a graduate school application. …


Will Reed

Will Reed is a recruiting firm that partners with innovative tech companies and VC-backed startups to scale sales organizations and actualize growth strategies.

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