Ultimately, if schooling is anything but creating learners who have an intrinsic desire to pursue…


So true. And you echo Sarason again!!!

“Creating and sustaining contexts of productive learning for students never has been the school’s bottom line. Passing tests and being awarded a diploma should never be regarded as adequate criteria of productive learning. As I said earlier, a century ago John Dewey said that knowledge is external; knowing is internal. Knowledge for which you feel no sense of ownership, which does not become part of your psychological bloodstream, which has no self-reinforcing, motivational consequences, may be valuable in a game of Trivial Pursuit but not in the game of meaningful living. In an inchoate way educators are beginning to understand, and that represents a change from when I wrote the school culture. But unless that inchoateness becomes clearer, little or nothing will change. If it becomes clearer and appropriate actions begin to be taken, very little of what schools are today will remain the same.”

The last paragraph in “Revisiting The Culture of School and the Problem of Change.” Thanks for making the inchoateness a bit clearer. ;)

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