“The Office” Man vs. Machine

I have never seen the office before becoming a desk receptionist and watching the series is more or less the right of passage to being a part of the work community. Recently in my watch through the company open up a website that would compete with human sales, many of the characters could care less but Dwight, a farcical character, is consumed in fear that he will surely lose his job and must out-perform the website or machine. While this idea in this context is used for humor it has some very real world applications.

It is no secret that technology helps humanity in every way but it also has the ability to perform faster and more efficient than humans can making it replace them. Many factories today are run solely by machine forcing those with little skill out to find other employment. Moreover, as technology grows and we find ways that machine can compete against man machine will be able to do more low skill tasks that a laborer could. The idea of stores run entirely over the internet are also one of the fastest growing markets. People can sit at home and purchase a sofa, a movie, a pair of jeans and boxing gloves while doing as little effort as being on a computer while if they wanted to go out and purchase those same items they would have to go to a few different stores (or maybe Walmart).

So while we do sit and laugh at a character who fears loosing his job to a machine I think we should realize that in today's society the working society has to compete with machine. Many of us were encouraged to go to college in hopes for a better future than with out it but before too much longer it may be our only chance of a future.