The Whale
M.G. Siegler

What fascinates me most about Amazon (and what makes them so scary for so many businesses) is that they not only execute, but they execute flawlessly in the physical world - they own, operate, and deliver real assets. This feels like the “glue” in the cohesive package you mention. (One could argue AWS stands counter to this, but I sense Bezos sees it more as an engine to expand his dominance in the physical space.) Facebook, Google, and Netflix are still driving businesses that exist mostly in bits. For as much as many people would like to think the world can exist in the digital realm, Amazon’s betting that “IRL” (including not just things like toothpaste and HDMI connectors but also physical things like your voice and the sensor reading your outfit of the day) will always be important. Paired with brilliant execution… whale, damn.