People don’t look at logos

Will Saunders
Aug 2, 2016 · 1 min read

The average person is bombarded with hundreds of brands per day, so much that that somebody has developed a pair of “brand killer” glasses.

Whilst I do feel a bit guilty for potentially adding to this bombardment of logos, I think it’s important that we designers realise that the average person doesn’t really look at logos. This was demonstrated when a staggering 53% of people failed to correctly identify the Apple logo, probably the world’s most recognisable logo.

Most people are normal, they go about their daily lives and interact with these brands when they have to. Most people don’t stare at logos; analysing the construction and form, commenting on the choice of typeface and colour palettes, whilst endlessly questioning the underlying concepts behind the design. Most people have more important things to be getting on with so they simply allow ‘essence’ of the brand in; a rough picture in their heads and a vague feeling is what stays with them.

That’s not to say a designers hard work is wasted; quite the opposite. Our skill is to understand how people think and act, and to design intelligently with the context of these fleeting interactions in mind.

Their skills are vital in creating something memorable and recognisable in sea of visual stimulation. By understanding that people don’t really look at logos, we designers need to be able to distill the essence of the brand and visual identity down to something that that is effective a impactful even at a cursory glance.

Will Saunders

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Graphic design and illustration. Trying to tread softly on the earth 🌱

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