What are the best resources for learning Node.js

Two resources cover the two different sides to learning Node (and learning programming in general — Learn All the Nodes and Nodeschool’s Learn You Node

Learn All the Nodes — Lecture 1–8 are remarkably comprehensive intuitive overview (start here: Learn All The Nodes) — you only need the free videos :)

  • Video lectures that introduce the intuitions of servers and value of node

Learn You Node — from NodeSchoolhttps://github.com/workshopper/learnyounode

  • Projects to complete in the command line with prompts that are just open enough to have you researching what to do but clear enough that you don’t give up

These 2 cover the two sides of learning to code:

  1. Intuitive lectures
  2. Coding through challenges (or building projects)

1. Intuitive lectures (Learn All the Nodes) — mental models and help you understand why what you’re learning matters (10% of your time)

2. Coding through challenges (Learn You Node) — there’s a reason people who just watch programming videos don’t become programmers — it’s because they’re not programming (90% of your time)

I’d recommend using both Learn All the Nodes and Learn You Node together but focus on the building that you do with Learn You Node.

That’s the way we approach teaching Node at Codesmith. 90% of our students’ learning is pair-programming through challenges — coupled with intuition-driven lectures. It’s the only way to learn everything we teach in 12 weeks

Will Sentance is CTO at Codesmith. He teaches core software engineering, computer science, backend engineering with Node, and prepares students for hiring.

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