The Hundreds — JVW #3

Read 100 pages, Write 100 Words, Make for 100 minutes

Reading: Every so often I’ll stray into academic territory, and largely end up regretting it. The soupy terminology which is part of every academic culture doesn’t often help commuicate ideas as well as the author thinks (or hopes). This book, Onto-Cartography by Levi Bryant is actually pretty readable, and unhelping me unpack all sorts of things regarding concepts I’ve a fairly wooly grasp on (e.g. materialism vs idealism).

Writing: I’ve been writing various things which aren’t online yet, so I can’t point at them which is slightly annoying. More annoyingly, I wrote up a recipe for an Autumn Venison Chilli, posted it up on Medium to share with a couple of people who expressed interest, and it’s now by FAR the most read thing I’ve ever written here. Pleased and grumpy. Maybe I’ll just write recipes, if that’s what Medium wants.

Making: We’ve been developing a new identity, and returned to a new tak on the Delaunay Triangulation (or ‘Low Poly’) effect we used to use back in the day. So as we as on the Smithery website, it’s on the new business cards…

…and we’ve just started playing around with a Christmas project which will be awesome… here’s the flat, two dimension early sketch, which i don’t mind showing you at all because it gives no hint of what it is we’re actually up to.

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