The Spirit is willing, but the Flesh wants a beer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It’s been a great ride on the web development train so far in my General Assembly cohort. We’re in week 5 now and the topics have come fast and furiously (2 fast? 2 furiously-y?). In the last week and half alone we’ve discussed node.js, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB (just a MEN stack, for now..) in addition to several node packages and OAuth. With all this cool new knowledge I’m admittedly having a tough time finding my writer’s voice tonight. So, I thought I would take a different tack and share some of my digital art!

I talk pretty again….once this inferno dies down

For the last couple of years I have been making digital “paintings” as a creative outlet. Initially, I cut my teeth using Keynote to create patterns and abstract kaleidoscopic scenes and eventually built off of these explorations to create new pieces. As I grew as an artist I slowly dabbled with apps on my phone and have mostly created my subsequent works that way. I love the immediate, tactile quality of working with my hands on touch screens and also how simple the interfaces often are versus a desktop program such as Illustrator/Photoshop or Sketch. I suspect part of this inclination lies in my fascination and admiration of painters. My whole life I’ve always been taken with how painters can conjure worlds seemingly out of nothing and hope I can achieve a similar effect in my software someday.

An early, favorite work

My artistic process is largely evolutionary and exploratory in spirit. I never sit down to create an image in my mind but rather treat the digital canvas like an object to be transformed and taken to new states. I’m immensely inspired by nature and its processes which are constantly expressing unity in diversity. This is an important point to understand where I come from as an artist and how I arrive at the different scenes in my work. I’m always folding back on my old pieces and taking new trips with them so that we can discover new places together (awwwww shucks).

I blended some M.C. Escher into this piece.

I’ve created a vast body of work in a relatively short time but I’m still growing and still hungry. My current passion is refining the processes I use to create art so that eventually I’ll be able to leverage those methodologies in writing my own “illustrative” software. Although I love making art for its own sake, I feel I can make the most impact in other’s lives by sharing my perspective through coding. I’m heartened that I’ve been able to express myself in some pretty cool ways just by using my phone in quiet moments of the day. I’m confident we’re only in the early stages of showing what is possible with software.

Got a light?

In the meantime, I’m loving where I’m at in my development studies and with my new path in life! I feel like I’ve found my professional footing for the first time and am on the way to developing what I’ve been mulling over for quite some time. I want to share my art more and would love to post additional ramblings on it in the future. Stay tuned!

We’ll see you next time!