Starting a food business from scratch
Dona Rita


Thanks for taking the time to write about Dona Rita, it was very interesting to read and learn more about your guys’ process on starting the company. I really love the look/brand that you have created with Dona Rita, the packaging and visual design of it all is truly great.

In your article you briefly mentioned user testing/market research for the product and how you mostly spoke with your friends. What kind of topics did you focus on? Did you use this research to come up with the MVP or was this more related to specific decisions like packaging, etc? I see that you tracked the responses and data through a spreadsheet, was this useful? What other tools did you use? Were there any barriers you encountered during your research?

I find with market research one of the hardest parts is actually finding your intended market to survey. Perhaps this is easier in the food industry because most people might be more open to discussing the food, taste testing, etc. But, without an established brand, it seems still hard to curate a list of customers to start conversations with. Did you have any trouble going beyond your friend group in finding more customers to speak to?

Again, thanks for sharing and the best of luck to you three!