#BlueLivesMatter is Offensive and Divisive

A little while back I started seeing blue ribbons tied in bows around things in my little rural New England town: trees, railings, sign posts. After asking a few people, I learned that these blue ribbons were is support of police; part of the Blue Lives Matter movement.

Blue Lives Matter was started in opposion to the better-known Black Lives Matter movement. As others have pointed out [Blades, Dartmouth], this is deeply offensive and divisive. Black Lives Matter was started because black lives literally don’t matter in the United States; if you kill a black person, especially if you’re a policeman, you have an excellent chance of not facing any significant repricussions.

The exact opposite is true for police. They couldn’t have greater protections. If you kill a police, you likely won’t live to tell the tale, and if you do, you’re looking at life in prison. So Blue Lives actually matter more than pretty much any kind of life already.

Blue Lives Matter would feel a little unnecessary and silly out of context. But given it’s attempt to polarize and capitalize on the popularity of Black Lives Matter, it is simply disgusting and innappropriate.