This is an open letter to Cassie Boorn owner/operator of Modern Thrive

This is an open letter to Cassie Boorn owner/operator of Modern Thrive — an online workshop/tutorial website for artists.

We are a group of professional artists reluctantly brought together by the non-payment, late payments, unanswered emails, and unpaid royalties from Modern Thrive an online workshop/tutorial website owned and run by Cassie Boorn.

We don’t know the reason leaders in the artist community are not being paid after they complete their work shop but it’s finally reached a point where we have decided to step forward as a warning to other artists.

We have come forward one by one in private facebook groups letting our artist friends know that we got “stiffed” by Modern Thrive after we spent hours developing and delivering a LIVE online workshop. The chatter in those groups finally got to the point that we are now coming together to make our complaints and concerns public. Cassie continues to recruit new teachers each month and the purpose of this letter is to provide a warning to future artists that might suffer the same treatment.

It’s hard to believe that they continue to hire artists and then systematically refuse to pay them after the work is finished or refuse to pay royalties on the workshops that are still for sale on their site!

We are demanding the following:

1) We are all paid the money owed to us.

2) Our content is immediately removed from the Modern Thrive site and all other video sharing platforms. We no longer grant permission for Modern Thrive to sell our content.

Many will suggest we sue Modern Thrive for the money they owe us but when factoring filing fees, court costs, travel expenses, attorney fees, our time, etc. we would most likely lose much more than the amount we have already lost.

If you know someone who is about to do a workshop for Modern Thrive please forward this to them.


Doreen Mulryan

Jannie Ho

Katy Smail

Marta Abad Blay

Penelope Dullaghan

Tracey English(-Polch)

Will Terry