TV Review: Ridiculousness

If you are unfamiliar with Ridiculousness, then get familiar son! The show, which is currently in its ninth season, revolves around hilarious home video clips and viral videos that are shown in a host of corresponding categories. During each video we also get to enjoy the reactions of host Rob Dyrdek, show regulars Steelo Brim & Chanel Westcoast and oft times a celebrity guest. If I had to sum it up in a sentence I’d probably say: it’s like You’ve Been Framed! on pills.

At its core, Ridiculousness is reminiscent of the good old days of MTV, before it became a shit storm of embarrassing “reality” shows. Who would have known that the same channel that blessed us with Jackass only years later would infect us with the cancer that was The Hills? This nostalgia comes at no surprise as Rob Dyrdek is practically classic MTV personified.

The success of Ridiculousness follows on from Rob’s other hit shows Rob & Big and my personal favourite Fantasy Factory. The guy just knows how to make a top-class TV show, whatever the format. What’s more is that Rob also knows how to play his part in every show he makes, which in this case is the insanely charismatic host. The role comes so natural to him and nearly everything he says has me in stitches, especially when he tries to do an accent.

Eric Andre on MTV’s Ridiculousness

If you’re new to the show you’ll promptly become irritated by Chanel’s laugh, but don’t worry about that you get used to it, that and the constant thoughts as to whether she is hot or not. I’m still unsure. Nevertheless, her, Rob and Steelo have amazing chemistry and great banter which makes the show that much better.

The show also fails to skimp out with its celebrity guests; they have entertained nearly everyone you can think of: from Kendall Jenner to Guy Fieri. Most times the celebrity fits in well and contributes their fair share of banter but there are times when they kill the vibe of the show a bit, which I guess can’t be helped.

Ridiculousness is undoubtedly one of my favourite shows currently on television and does its utmost to put everything else on MTV to shame. Rob Dyrdek hits the spot once again, creating an addictive masterpiece that, after nine longs season, is yet to grow stale.

SCORE: 82%

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