Customize ZSH Shell

1. Visit:

2. In terminal, run the curl command under basic installation:

sh -c “$(curl -fsSL"

3. Set ZSH as default shell

chsh -s /bin/zsh
chsh -s `which zsh`

4. Pick a theme, they are listed in the repo wiki. Or use link below:

5. Open .zshrc file to add theme:

The ~/ translates to your user’s home directory and the .zshrc is the ZSH configuration file itself.

In terminal:


Or open it in text editor

subl ~/.zshrc 

6. Add zsh Theme inside .zshrc file

ZSH_THEME=“put the name of the theme here”

7. Add desired Plugins inside .zshrc file

 # Add each plugin with a space in between
plugins=(git git-extras sublime vagrant history last-working-dir)

8. Build any convenient Alias commands inside .zshrc file

alias ga='git add .'
alias gl='git log'
alias gd='git diff'

If you have any issue follow along to these videos in this order

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