Global Warming

As we continue to inhabit Earth, we try to make the environment or more habitable place. However, are we really making this place a better place for the future human race? People say they are aware of the problems arising, but are they really? They say that they are aware, but they don’t actually do anything about it. Most people would think, “I’m only one person. What difference can I make?”. However, if every person on this planet thought that, then we would have major issues. Even thought there are still tons of environmental issues out there, one of the more considerable problem is global warming. Global warming produces what scientists call, the “greenhouse effect”. It is so called that because like a greenhouse, our planet traps heat radiated from the sun. It is easy to receive warmth from the sun, but because of our atmosphere, it is hard to get rid of. In other words, global warming is the over time process of increasing the average temperature until it is too hot for the human race to live, or causes other consequences that will wipe out the human race. Global warming should actually be the world’s number one concern because it is dictated heavily by human activity. A contributor to global warming is pollution. Pollution is the release of gas from the burning of fuel. However, certain gasses are released from coal. One of the gas released is carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 happens to be one of the greenhouse gasses because it helps contain heat better than other gasses. Everyday, there are millions of factory running off coal and billions of people drving in cars, which also runs off a form of fuel. Other contributors to global warming are deforestation, landfills, increase of population, and etc. The list goes on. A problem we are already dealing with is the melting of the ice caps. With ice caps melting, floods will occur more frequently until the whole world gets flooded. People need to act now if they want their race to survive. We have done many eco-friendly things to reduce global warming, but it’s still not enough. There are alaways ways to improve the way you live on this planet. For example, if you attend a school, try carpooling to school with some of your friends. Don’t make your mom or dad drive you seperately each day. It’s a waste of money, gas, and energy. Next time when it’s hot, think about why it’s hot and what you can do to reduce global warming.

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