On “Woke” White People Advertising their Shock that Racism just won a Presidency
Courtney Parker West

No piece of writing has ever so perfectly summed up why Trump, the racist bigoted homophobe that he is, was able to get elected. The people who elected Trump, and many whom I spoke too (I did some minor election reporting) are amongst the poorest in the nation. Many of them work blue-collar jobs, with limited entitlements and sub-standard pay. And what galvanised them to the voting polls was a desire for change. Look at the exit polls. Donald Trump’s most favourable quality to virtually all his voter’s was that he represented change. Change from a system that, in their minds, has been exploited by the Washington elite. Now I should preface this by saying I was/am a Sander’s fan, and I did vote for Clinton. But surely even if you can’t agree, you can understand their frustration. And it stems from being told by people much wealthier, with much more opportunities and a far better quality of life that they don’t understand oppression because of their skin colour. They are frustrated with being told how good their lives are by a University student who’s never had a job in her life and who drives around in daddy’s lexus (actually a direct quote from one Trump supporter). So again, whilst I find Trump to be deplorable, if you will allow me to steal Hilary’s term, what I find equally deplorable is the assumption by certain people that they have a monopoly on suffering and oppression simply due to the colour of their skin. To ignore the class divide of this election is to misunderstand the election itself. College educated white’s turned out to support Clinton. Uneducated college whites, particularly women which is surprising, turned out to vote for Trump in record numbers. And I urge you not to simply take the word of some random internet blogger on this, but go and check the exit polls yourself.