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I am about to publish my own blog post about how Napoleon Hill’s free mastermind has been twisted into something by internet marketers where you have to pay thousands to one person to attend at


Yesterday, I met with a client Mark for a full-day of in-person coaching. He came in with one idea and left with a new, fresh direction… it’s a perfect fit for him and should hit 6-figures within 6 months.

During lunch, we talked about his recent experience with another “marketer”. And specifically, about a “mastermind” group he joined.

It started with the typical $5,000.00 “workshop”. Which was really just a pitch to join the much more expensive mastermind. Which cost him…

… $65,000.00

Yep, $65K for two, in-person mastermind meetings.

Now, you might think I have a problem with someone charging $65K for 2 mastermind meetings. I don’t — as long as $65K in value is delivered.

A good mastermind can be transformative. I LOVE running them.

But here’s the bigger problem I have with his $65K mastermind.

The manipulative selling that took place to get Mark in.

He told me they used lots of phrases like:

“If you don’t invest in this mastermind, you’re playing small”.

And “if you don’t join, it just shows your not serious about your success”.

Really? If I don’t pony up $65K I’m “playing small?”. And “not serious?”.

It’s pure manipulation and pressure…. and it’s simply not true.

I’m asked weekly to join some of these mastermind groups. Some are great and run with the highest of ethics (like my close friend Brian Kurtz) and others are the complete opposite.

Where every “meeting” is a pitch to buy more “stuff”. Whether it’s spend $3K on a bloated shopping cart you don’t need (and they get a kickback), or another $20K for a “done for you” funnel.

Some brag about the “celebrity gurus” in the group. Others act like you are in some kind of secret war room — and it will instantly turn you into a million once you join.

It’s all an elaborate game to get you to part with your money.

About 10 years ago, I ran a mastermind. It was $12K per year and in hindsight, I handled it wrong. And I should have screened the members.

Do I think they got $12K in value? Absolutely. But I still didn’t feel great about it and that’s why I’ve been tentative to go full-in and promote my groups.

I’ve always felt like I had more in common with my subscribers than my fellow “marketers” and “gurus”. The whole “elitism” and “syndicate” crap bothers me. I don’t like when people are made to feel badly and they’ll never succeed if they don’t cash-in their retirement plan to join your overpriced mastermind.

F that.

So here’s what I’ve decided to do.

Secretly, I’ve been running a private mastermind group. I haven’t mentioned it in almost a year — and we have 200 members. It’s a great group filled with some very smart, giving lifestyle entrepreneurs.. like social media expert, Mary Agnes Antonopoulos, Dean Patino (the subscription guy), Leah Fisch (study guides for Organic Chemisty), Jose Aviles (Prepper World Summit), Aviv Vana (CineSummit), and so many more amazing cheese-free people.

We had a meeting a few months ago — and the breakthroughs were unheard of. New certifications being launched. New summits. New podcast. new products. And yes, there were lots of hugs too!

In my groups we learn.. but we have fun doing it. So there are always lots of laughs and smiles.

So here’s what I’m doing.. re-opening new spots for the Freedym Mastermind.

For your convenience, there will be many 2-day in-person mastermind meetings held throughout the year. You’ll be able to attend any two of these 2-day intensives.

I’ve already talked a few of my very successful friends.. and they have agreed to be special guests (like a friend who was the marketing genius behind a $500 million dollar info-marketing business).

The price?

Well, if you know me I feel good about way underpricing what I offer. I love to have people walk away absolutely raving. Anything less than a raving fan, and I consider it a failure.

It’s NOT $25K, $20K, $10K, $5K or even $2K.

It just one payment of $995.

There are no up-sells. There’s no pressure. And there are no games.

You can attend any TWO of our in-person mastermind meetings. And have access to a very private online group too.

No, it’s not for everyone.

If you think the only way you can network with A-level players. And believe the only way to have a REAL world-class mastermind experience is by spending $20K — $65K.. then this isn’t for you.

We’ve changed the game for an online membership.. now we’re changing the game for an in-person mastermind.

A lot of my former “friends” are going to be really angry with me for doing this. Because it really does take the legs out from under them.

After all, why would I spend $15K, $20K, etc.. to join their group — when you can invest just a fraction of that and have a BETTER group run by me? With no selling and only sharing.

Here’s why I can do this?

Because for most of these guys, a big-ticket mastermind is their ONLY revenue. It’s their business. For me, I already have memberships, health companies and recurring revenue. So there’s no pressure for me to charge you a fortune.

This is NOT a public offer — and it’s only going to my subscribers.

If you’d like to join, please send me an email right away to ryan (at) with SUB=MASTERMIND. And simply tell me a few sentences about you and why you’d like to join.

Please email me today because the spots will be limited and I stop taking applications on July 1.

Oh yeah and if you don’t join, it’s ok. It doesn’t mean you’re not serious about your success. It simply means this isn’t right for you or you’re not ready to join an in-person mastermind.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing you at the next mastermind.

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