Can Men and Women Be Just Friends?

Steve Harvey said that men and women can’t be friends:

Absolutely disagree. You shouldn’t take dating advice from a random comedian or entertainer — just because they’re famous.

The popular assertion is that “men and women can’t be friends because men are always wanting to be more than friends.” This assertion is usually made by people who haven’t spent more than ten minutes to think about this or are really shallow in their thinking and mysogynistic.


That’s just one of many points to burst this assertion. What if it’s a super overweight girl who isn’t attractive in the slightest but an awesome person to hang around.

What about women who are married or super old?

What about a woman you see as a sister?

In fact, if a man lacks any real female friends (not acquaintances) he can call up and consult, that is a red flag that something is screwed up with their thinking about the world, which may be potentially rippling into their results in other areas of their life. It could be an indicator in a lack of social skills, social intelligence, or good mental health.

A female friend is a huge benefit to you that you are missing out on. Females have better social skills, different behaviors, different strengths/tools, and unique networking connections that can benefit your career, earning power, and dating life. By forsaking this (usually unconsciously because of other issues mentioned earlier), you’re falling behind.

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