Don’t but into the saying “Life is full of compromises”

Have you read James Clear’s article on the “Four Burners Theory?”

Articles like this give you the message that “life is full of compromises.” The idea is that there are seasons to life and everything is a compromise. He argues there are four areas of life you constantly have to juggle: family time, health, making more money, and social life.

If you want to spend more time with your family, you have to give up making more money and spending time at work. You can’t have it all.

While seemingly practical, I think it’s outrageous that top personal development authors, with hundreds of thousands of fans taking their advice, say something like this.

This defeatist attitude almost convinced me (and maybe many others) to just give up on trying to have an even moderately good life. Don’t bother trying to have a hot girlfriend, while being rich, and having plenty of free time. It’s not possible.

While there may be some practicality in this knowledge for a group of people who tend to have outrageous expectations or demands out of life … what about others who could have achieved all of these goals but failed to because they were discouraged by advice like this?

Why is this not possible? Can you not be a little more creative and just take your family with you to exercise so that you kill two birds with one stone and become more productive?

Some people make 10,000 times more than others. Are they 10,000 times smarter or have they just found more effective ways to do things?

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