How To Get A Job

I found this feedback from a recruiter of a top business incredibly useful.

It seems that there is a lot more than the “shot gun spray and pray” approach of mass mailing out resumes without any discrepancy

Wanted to share it:

A Recruiter’s Perspective:

First off, a disclaimer — while I am a recruiter here at Riot I am not writing this post in that capacity, rather I am writing this as someone entering his 20th year in the craft. What these years spent in the talent acquisition trenches have taught me I’ll do my best to lay out in the text below with the hope that there may be some level of value.

Secondly, while it may seem like recruiters are obstacle, the first hurdle of many that you need to overcome to land a job, please understand that we in that role desperately want to hire you. We spend our days gleaning Linked-in profiles looking for candidates. All we ask is that you meet us halfway.

As I have stated on various posts here I believe that candidates should look at studios (or companies or wherever they want to launch or build their careers) through the lens of a relationship. That the skills they bring to personal relationship building are applicable and may give them an edge up on the competition.

Just as you have personal preferences in whom your friends and significant others are, so do you have preferences about where and how you’d like to work, but somehow these take a backseat when applying for a position. Ask yourself; do you prefer a structured or a more self-guided environment? Do you like a certain product or service that a potential employer provides? What about social awareness? What companies align with your own personal set of morals and values? Size up a potential employer like you would a potential partner. After all, if things go forward you may be spending the majority of your waking hours there. Being employed at a workplace that does not share your work style preferences and life values is like being in a bad marriage. You are setting yourself up for failure.

After you’ve done your homework and have found the environment that best fits your style — now it’s about the specific role. This is where I have seen a lot of candidate’s make an error — the shotgun the JOB’s page. They see many jobs that they believe they’d be a good fit for and apply to them all. What they may not be aware of is the systems employers have in place to capture that information. Using my relationship metaphor again, this is the equivalent of not caring who takes you to the senior prom as long as you get to go to the dance. See, the teams that are looking to hire candidates believe, and rightly so, that the openings they have are unique and require specialized skills to do well. When a candidate applies for more than one role they are telling those teams, “Well, you are cute — but so is that guy, and that guy, and that guy is too, and so is that guy over there”.

You see, the candidate may have intended to show their eagerness to work at a studio and applied to many roles they almost-maybe-sorta-kinda fit into in attempt to find a team willing to take a chance on them, but in reality all they’ve done is alienated all their potential their dance partners. Instead of just wanting to get to the dance — take the time to investigate a specific role that aligns with your desires and skills and then apply. If your skills crossover into other areas — awesome — icing on the cake! Once you are at the prom there will be, in time, opportunities for you to dance with others, but let’s get you through the gym doors first.

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