How To Ruthlessly Prioritize Like Billionaires

Billionaire Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer have both emphasized ruthlessly prioritizing your time.

But how do you ruthlessly prioritize?

You’re doing a thousand things and getting ZERO or marginal results.

Your day is filled up to the brim with things you have to do but you just feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

I was like this for a LONG time. And quite frankly, it’s because that’s what average people do. They think they’re working hard but 90% of what they’re doing is fruitless and unproductive.

What makes it worse is that there are tons of guru’s who are telling you that you have to do a thousand things: jump on the latest social media platform bandwagon, start live streaming, etc.

It’s a bit of a tragedy when there’s so much bad advice out there and people follow it mindlessly.

Learn from the best in the business, not a productivity guru who hasn’t even made a million dollars.

Ruthless prioritization is the key and it is a learned skill.

Bill Gates learned from Warren Buffett to only do what’s critical.

It’s why Mr. Buffett has so few meetings. It’s also why you should make a checklist of the top 20 things you have to do and throw away the last 19.

The first person you will lie to is yourself.

There are things you could do that you will rationalize as important that aren’t the #1 thing.

You have to be disciplined in being truly honest with yourself and doing the things that are the highest impact only. Even if you don’t enjoy them.

Don’t lie to yourself.

This is based off President Eisenhower’s Matrix box.

Here’s the technique:

Organize your goals into 4 buckets: Important and Urgent, Important and not Urgent, Unimportant and Urgent, and Unimportant and Not Urgent.

I suggest using a paper and pencil. There’s experiments done that show the greater results of writing down your goals versus just having them in your head.

Dump 2 buckets: Throw away the Unimportant and Urgent and Unimportant and Not Urgent.

Only do the Important and Urgent today.

Keep the other bucket list for next week.

Figure out what your priorities are. Don’t forget to take into account down-time and time spent with your family and on your own health. Those are vitally important and many entrepreneurs skip over these to make more time. It’s a short-term decision that screws you over for the long haul.

Also, as I say in most of my content, if you can make your career something you are ELECTRIFIED and love to do, it all becomes more fun and productive.

“By focusing on the things I am passionate about, having fun, enjoying some downtime, and prioritising the things I care about the most (my family and my health), I have been able to avoid having a work-life balance burnout.” –Richard Branson

A special note: don’t under-emphasize family time, and time to relax for your own health.

After reading books like Top 5 Regrets of the Dying and articles like this, it’s been shown to me hundreds of times how oversacrificing relationships, health, and piling on stress in your body is not worth it.

It affects your health and you look back on your life with regret on the times you have missed with your family or friends.

A healthy balance of enjoying things is in order.

Warren Buffett is successful in my eyes for many other reasons outside of how much money he made. One of those things is his prioritization of things that many businessmen skip out on: family time.

He also embodies a lifestyle of stress-free fun, similar to Richard Branson. He has found a career that he enjoys so much that he dances to work everyday. Contrast that with the man who is puts himself into massive stress at work, causing ruin to his health and energy.

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