Life is a Video Game — Here’s How To Win Quickly

Life is more like an MMORPG than a level-by-level video game. Your goals aren’t clearly given to you. Your family and society may try to give you goals (make lots of money, get a job, become famous, etc.), but they may turn out to be goals you don’t care for.

A quick study of the science of happiness debunks a lot of myths about what makes you happy and what doesn’t. Many of these standard goals fail in that regard.

Next, you have to firmly decide on a goal. There’s no use wasting time like the others who fail at the game of life because they wander around with no goals like a boat with no rudder.

Then, you break down your goal into specific, tiny goals that move you towards your big goal. Consider it a mini-game.

For example, one of my big goals is to live a life with complete freedom of money, time, and location. To do that, a mini-goal is to write valuable articles (like this) everyday, so people find me and join my email newsletter. This works because it’s fun for me, builds my following, builds my skill, and builds an email list where I can sell stuff in a non-sleazy way.

The final ingredient to hacking life is all about speeding up the process. How do you get there more efficiently? Science and learning from people who have already achieved what you want. Why listen to only these folk? Because you can trust that their advice won’t lead you in the wrong direction.

Use the Internet, in-person mentors, and scientific studies to get guidance on how you can achieve your goals and mini-goals better and faster. They will make you question your process.

Sometimes, you realize you can shortcut the process 10x. For example, if your goal is to visit a tropical island at some point in your life, maybe there’s an easier way than slaving away at a 9-to-5 for 20 years before you’ve saved enough vacation time to get away. Do the calculations and you’ll find that you can visit a tropical destination, like Thailand, for pennies on the dollar because money goes a lot farther there.

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