Adaptability…Adjusting to the Andela Way

Adaptability can be described as the ability of an entity or organism to alter itself or its responses to changes in circumstances or environment. In a fast paced world like tech, the importance of adaptability cannot be over emphasized. Like Charles Darwin said “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent that will survive but those who can best manage change”. It is week-2 of the Andela boot camp cycle-26, making it this far has required an incredible amount of adaptability on my part.

The Andela two-week boot camp is the final stage of the recruitment process via which Andela selects the top 1 percent of tech talent in Nigeria and Africa. I was very excited when I got an invitation to the Andela boot camp, little did I know that I was about to embark on the most demanding two-weeks of my entire life as a programmer. Along with the invitation to the boot camp were other mails which contained several guidelines, conventions and project management tools for the boot camp, all of which were new to me. I was required to setup a Pivotal Tracker board to track my progress, this was completely new to me but I had to search for resources online and I was able to surmount this challenge and deliver on what was required of me. The first week of the Andela boot camp required campers to submit an expected learning outcome by a specific deadline daily as well as working on a boot camp project. Delivering on these daily outcomes required a lot of changes in my daily routine and work habits, I had to learn how to manage my time to accommodate all the tasks that were required of me within the stipulated time frame, the changes I made to help maximize my time include cutting down on daily sleep time, using a Trello board to manage daily task and learning how to build relationships with other campers to help facilitate my learning.

Adaptability has been the single most important skill which has helped me get this far and It is one of the most important skills to possess for anyone in a fast paced work environment like tech.

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