My Experience So Far in the Andela Boot camp

My experience so far in the Andela boot camp has been all shades of excitement and I am loving every moment of it. The required daily learning outcomes as well as the boot camp project have kept me fully occupied and it has been a constant race against time. Yesterday’s expected learning outcomes required implementing a function that takes in an array of numbers and checks if the sequence is arithmetic, geometric , neither or if the array is empty. I also had to write unit tests for the implemented function. The other learning outcomes include version control, growth mindset, seeking feedback and writing professionally. I was able to complete them despite the challenges faced like erratic power supply and fluctuating internet connection. I got some important feedback on the project work so far from my learning facilitator assistant Oluwadamilola. Reflecting on this has helped me imbibe some new habits and improve the overall quality of my work. I also had fun collaborating with my teammates even though it was remotely .I hope to keep working tirelessly on myself and improve in every aspect where I may have deficiencies. It has been a most beneficial learning experience and I earnestly look forward to what the rest of the boot camp has to offer.