The Journey So Far…

It’s Day Three — August 30th, 2017. In this post I will be writing about my experience thus far at the Andela boot camp.

The intensity of the Andela boot camp can be compared to a military recruitment exercise characterized by long hours of mental exertion and very little sleep. The first two days of the Andela boot camp have past really quickly and this has given me a taste of the really fast pace at which things move in the world of technology. Each day at the boot camp comes with it’s own unique challenges and today is no exception.

Yesterday’s required learning outcomes were Object Oriented Programming commonly referred to as OOP and writing professionally. The former required modelling a real-world scenario while taking advantage of OOP concepts such as encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. I was also required to write unit tests. I faced the challenge squarely and began implementing my solution for the challenge. I ran into a few issues but I sought clarity from a team member and I was able to complete it a few minutes past the stipulated time. I came up short with the unit tests and would have been able to write more test cases but for the time constraint. The latter required writing an article on my experience so far at the Andela boot camp. I wrote a brief article describing my experience so far and highlighting some of the challenges which I was facing.

I also got my feedback form yesterday and it challenged me to intensify my efforts and improve my output in every area where I am deficient. Overall, it has been an awesome learning experience and I can’t wait to witness what the rest of this exciting journey holds.

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