How you learned not to be yourself
Marina Trindade

Agree with you. I still have some kind of trauma for being in school, I am probably in the 45% depressed students.

The constant 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. schedule, the “have to wake up early” habit even though I’m a night owl, the listening to teachers rambling stuff we don’t want to hear which makes us sleepy, and the pressure of exams and homework of course.

When I was in junior high, I used to think it might be nice if I were a cat. A 24–25 year old person thinking about this is relatively normal I think, given the quarter life crisis state. But a junior high school student thinking about this, I think it’s unhealthy.

After 12 years of monotonous life, college was a big relief. I didn’t have to wake up early everyday, just some days. I had more social life and so many friends, not bullies. Most professors didn’t care if we sleep in class or even skip it as long as our exams have good grades.

I know I sound like a lazy student but I think yeah, something has got to be changed. Love the article!

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