How We Managed To Stay Positive After The Terrorist Attack This Morning

It’s quite weird actually since I posted an article about crime yesterday. Nevertheless, my deep condolences to the victims and their family. And to our police officers and military forces, you guys are real heroes.

I have lived in Jakarta for 2 years. We are talking about the 2nd largest megalopolis in the world with a population of over 10 million residents. Indeed, the city is as alive as its people. Being the capital of Indonesia, people from across the nation gathered here to pursue their dreams, to pay their bills, to live. With all the competition going on, Jakarta has become one merciless city where people struggle daily just to go to their office. If you’re 5 minutes late to catching up a bus during peak times, you’ll be stuck on the road for two hours after you catch one. Not to mention the seasonal flood we experience and the demonstrations swarming the streets.

People who live in Jakarta must have strong desires, a clear purpose, and determination. If you can’t stand it here, you’ll be cut off from the rest and will prefer to go back home to where you came from.

My viewpoint regarding Jakata is as stated above, until this morning, I heard on the news that someone blew up a Starbucks cafe downtown. I once had a coffee there with a friend. I was initially shocked of course, even though I am currently not in the city. But the panic and urgency to inform friends and family rose quickly. For a moment. Just like the picture above, initial shock and then going with the pace.

Because what I saw on social media minutes later, made me realize what a great nation we are. And great nations do not concede to terrorism. They fight back.

Translations : “To aid the evacuation process & transporting you to a safe location, we are providing FREE ride in all Jakarta area.”
Translations : “Should you need to evacuate to a safer place, you may use the Go-Ride service for free in all Jabodetabek region.” (Jabodetabek : Jakarta and the cities surrounding it).

Grab Taxi and Go-Jek are transportation providers which use motorcycles as their mode of transport. Motorcycle in Indonesia is abundant, so people make money out of it. However, in the middle of the chaotic condition, these providers gave free rides to help evacuate the citizens near the crime scene. The drivers didn’t hide and whimper, they fought back by doing everything they could to overcome the turmoil.

Translations : #KamiTidakTakut = #WeAreNotAfraid

Even our composite index was initially dropping, but quickly climbed back up, just like the people.

Some people just continued on their business like nothing happened. And this is just one example of the many merchants that were trying to make a selling in that kind of situation. As I told you before, people struggle each day here for their lives and not just because of the traffic but also for the money, for the food they have to buy at the groceries the next morning so they can feed their family.

Dear terrorists, do you think a few bomb explosions and gunfire will keep us in our home and then stop living? Do you see fear on our faces? Do we look like we’re terrorized?

No. We’ll freakin approach you and fight you back!

Translations : You don’t mess with Jakarta. Jakarta messes with you!

#JakartaBerani #IndonesiaBerani #KamiTidakTakut

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