Planning My Writing Helped Me

My Writing Plan

I have been blogging an article per day on Medium for 18 days, today is my 19th day. I used to think about what to write on my post in the morning of each day and started writing after I got home from work.

If I couldn’t think of anything before sunset I would panic and ended up seeking writing prompts. It’s not like I wanted to remove prompts from my list but I think it would be better if I don’t depend on them too much. And I thought, Why don’t I take some time to think about what I will write in the next few days left? (I intend to take a break from this when I reach the 30th day). So it happened. I planned my topic for each day and it is helping me a lot to save time and energy. Before this, my focus throughout the day was thinking about what topic I should write later in the night. But now my mind has become more focused in thinking about the content rather than what the topic will be. Much better.

I made the planning in my phone’s calendar starting from January 27 as shown in the picture above. The blue lines are the topic that I have to write that day. The green ones are only birthday reminders since it is synced with Facebook. This might not be the most practical but it shows up on my lock screen. So every time I look at my phone, I will be reminded of today’s writing topic.

My lock screen

So unless you are learning spontaneous writing, I think this is a good thing to do before you intend to continuously write an article per day. It convinced myself even more that I can actually write every day.