The Crushed Smile

Photo cred: Aaron Burden

For today’s post I have planned it to be a writing prompt. I took it from an article on Medium here. Hope you enjoy it!

When I got home that night, I noticed the smiling jack-o-lantern in my front yard was crushed. I continued walking to my door anyway. Even though I made that lamp for like a week. I did it over and over again, throwing the failure ones in my backyard. That was my 20th pumpkin when I finally made it smiled right. Like some people said, you only have to be right once. But they never told me that the right one will also get crushed.

“Trick or treat, sweetie?” Said my mom when she opened the door. She wore The Grim Reaper costume. I wanted to say it looked silly when a woman wears it, but I was not in the mood.

I threw a smile as best as I could and then went on to the dining table. My dad, my brother, and my sister were already there.

“So what’s for dinner, honey? Can’t keep this little Jason wait, otherwise he’ll start stabbing us with his machete.” Said my dad. Yeah I was Jason Voorhees.

“No I’d kill him first before he starves to death.” Said my brother who was Freddy Krueger. My sister just stared at her phone, She didn’t seem to have paid any attention. Moments later my mom came, carrying spaghetti and apple pies.

We ate our dinner and they talked about things that happened to each one of them that day. I remained silent.

“What’s wrong with you, Tim?” My sister asked.

“Nothing, I’m fine.” Said I.

“Come on tell us your story!” She insisted.

I exhaled and said, “I know who did it.”

“What’s that?” My brother asked.

“Somebody in this room just got his pumpkin crushed.” At times like this my mom really understood her son.

“Oh wow, dude that’s like your fifteenth pumpkin!” My brother laughed.

“It was Andrew. We fought at school today. I never fought back before, but today I did.” Said I.

“Well I think we ought to talk to his parents then. That’s what parents do, right? Cleaning up their boy’s mess, not the other way around.” Said my dad.

That night went on like usual. We finished our dinner, I went to bed.

This morning I heard that Andrew was dead. It looked like the janitor found his body at the school’s backyard, and it was in a horrible condition. He looked like he was smiling in such a twisted way. The police are investigating right now. I don’t know who did it, but I never told anyone else other than my family about the jack-o-lantern. This means that I have been living for 13 years with at least a psycho.

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