Women as Leaders

After 70 years of living, I finally realize women are better leaders than men. I apologize to all women for taking so long to learn this obvious fact.

Women are more social, caring and less violent than men. Violent men have caused all wars during the male centric history of humans.

Since civilization began men have been leaders, because they were stronger and violent. Both necessary to hunt and wage war. However, machines have easily replaced strength and violence can now cause nuclear war.

Women, who have made great strides in the last 70 years, must become political leaders of the United States and other countries.

Congress, state legislatures and city councils are controlled by old men.

More women have to run for political office. Political party makes no difference.

Half of all voters are women and many men will value your qualities. This is a great foundation for winning elections.

Personally, I’m looking forward to a woman President. Hopefully before I die.

When I talk to women, I tell them the only redeeming quality men have is their strength. So let us lift those grocery bags out of the car.

“Men have ruled during the war filled history of civilization and have earned a failing grade of F.”

Source: www.comfortablemiddleclass.com/women-as-leaders.shtml