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David Wilmington
2 min readDec 26, 2023

Dive into Adventure: with Scuba Wilmington”

Introduction: Embrace the Underwater World with Scuba Wilmington

Scuba Wilmington NC invites you on an exciting journey beneath the waves. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned diver, our comprehensive training programs in Wilmington, NC, are designed to elevate your diving skills and open up a world of underwater exploration.

Our Courses: Tailored to Every Level of Diver

  1. Open Water Scuba (OW): Perfect for beginners, this course covers the essentials — safety procedures, buoyancy control, dive planning, and communication. You’ll gain confidence to scuba dive up to 60 feet.
  2. Advanced Open Water (AOW): Ready to go deeper? This advanced course introduces deep diving and navigation techniques, preparing you to dive up to 100 feet.
  3. Freediving: For those interested in breath-hold diving, our Freediving course focuses on safety, equalization, and psychological preparation, taking you to deeper depths safely.
Scuba Wilmington NC

Get Certified with Scuba Wilmington NC

Our certification process is streamlined and efficient. Just request training, and we’ll provide you with a calendar of available courses to get you started on your scuba journey.

Meet Our Expert Instructors

  • Chris Southerly: A PADI Scuba, IDC Staff, and Master Instructor, Chris brings a wealth of experience and passion to the team.
  • Kevin Picklesimer: As an Open Water Scuba Instructor, Kevin is eager to share his expertise with new divers.

Advanced Training Opportunities

  • PADI Advanced Scuba Certification: For divers looking to expand their skills, we offer courses in deep diving, wreck diving, and night diving.
  • PADI Specialty Diver Courses: Dive into specialized skills like underwater photography, fish identification, and search and recovery with our expert-led courses.

Why Choose Scuba Wilmington?

  • Quality Instruction: Our instructors are not just teachers; they’re experienced divers passionate about the underwater world.
  • Cutting-Edge Equipment: We provide high-quality gear to ensure a safe and enjoyable diving experience.
  • Diverse Diving Excursions: Beyond training, we offer a variety of diving trips to explore the stunning underwater landscapes of Wilmington, NC.

Ready to Explore the Depths?

Contact Scuba Wilmington today to start your scuba adventure. Whether you’re looking to get certified or enhance your diving skills, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Dive in and discover the wonders of the underwater world with Scuba Wilmington.